Decayed - "The Book of Darkness" (Drakkar Productions, CD, 2000)
Everyone inside the portuguese metal scene must know this band that already counts with 10 years of existence. First they were called Decay, but some time later decided to add "ed" to their moniker. This was the band's fourth album, with more covers than originals. Anyway, this trio was and will always be influenced by the almighty Bathory and Venom, they're one of the few Lusitanian bands that are still into old-fashioned Black metal just like it was made back in the glorious 80's. They've always used a drum machine and in my opinion that's their only "disadvantage", because there's no proper cymbals and toms sound...even the breaks are a bit defective. Anyway, and concerning this album...the influences - both ideologically and musically - are the same (Venom and Bathory), the songs once again alternate between fast and mid-paced rhythms, with some good solos throughout them. About the covers featured, they're from bands such as Celtic Frost, Bathory, Sodom, Death, Venom, etc (what were you expecting?); but the most surprising one is from George Thorogood (all the band members are still into rock'n roll, that's the reason). As J.A (guitar) said, the inclusion of all these covers was a small tribute to the 80's and the influence this decade had on the band.

1 - Death Chimes Of Armageddon
2 - Sacrificial Rites
3 - Tribulation 
4 - Rise At Dusk
5 - Cthol Mishrak (Of Endless Night)
6 - Flesh to Ashes
7 - Halls of Torment
8 - Into the Crypts of Rays (Celtic Frost cover)
9 - Call From The Grave (Bathory cover)
10 - The Return Of The Darkness And Evil (Bathory cover)
11 - Bad To The Bone (George Thorogood cover)
12 - Blasphemer (Sodom cover)
13 - Touch Too Much (Ac-Dc cover)
14 - Infernal Death (Death cover)
15 - In League With Satan (Venom cover)
16 - Witching Hour (Venom cover)



Storm Legion - "...Statement" (Demo, Drakkar Productions, 2002)
This is a new project featuring some well known musicians of the Portuguese Blackmetal scene, namely Nocturnus Horrendus, Ainvar and Vulturius. What I can say about this demo tape is that it is a very grimm piece of Blackmetal limited to 333 hand numbered copies.
Besides having some Corpus Christii's influences, they managed to make a different sound with this demo. But don't expect nothing very original though, for this is Blackmetal at its most primitive state and with its most primitive feelings.
This lack of originality as, for me, two points of view, one is that Blackmetal is more than overfilled with bands sounding like the same, but the other point of view, the most important for me, is that today some of the spirit and attitude of the early nineteens has been lost, and its in bands like this that we can see the resurrection of the long lost spirit. So fuck off with the originality and all hail Blackmetal as it should always be - grimm and necro.

1 - Statement...
2 - The Wolven Path


Tsjuder - "Demonic Possession" (Drakkar Productions, CD, 2002)
After several delays the new Tsjuder album finally reached my hands. This new opus is quite different from its predecessor "Kill for Satan", one can see a clearer thrash influence in the guitar lines and also the absence of the slow and painful parts of their debut album, now the songs are much more direct, which makes them more interesting and less tiring. In my opinion the biggest flaw of their debut album was very well corrected, for the drum's sound is very well achieved now.
Technically this isn't a masterpiece, but its a coherent work without any major flaws, and that's what really matters, at least in my opinion.
With this new album Tsjuder consolidated their position has one of the most respected Blackmetal bands within the Underground Blackmetal scene, so if you follow Blackmetal for real look no further, go ahead and by this album, because this is very good material with all that is required: a great amount of attitude and the spirit of the early days.

1 - Eriphion Epistates
2 - Demoner Av Satans Rik
3 - Ancient Hate
4 - Bloodshedding Horror
5 - Deathwish
6 - A Twisted Mind
7 - I-10
8 - Primeval Fear
9 - Outro



Tsjuder - "Kill For Satan" (Drakkar Productions, CD, 2000)
After two demos, one EP and one promo album, finally came out the debut album from this Norwegian band.
This band plays Blackmetal as it is supposed to be: raw, fast, brutal and anti-christian.
About the album itself they managed to join very fast and brutal parts with other "painful" slow parts, making a great combination not falling in to the common monotony and repetitivety of some Blackmetal bands. Sometimes, throughout the album appears samples from movies, which are very well inserted, this samples allied with the appearance of a back guttural voice brings, also, something different to the album, besides this, there is an experimental song named "Unleashed" and surprisingly, being some kind of electronic, it is quite good. I just have one bad thing to say about this album, the drums' sound could be better, after listening the album a couple of times, it starts to be annoying.
Tsjuder say: "We play raw and brutal Black Metal, and take total distance from most of the “new wave” melodic, atmospheric, folkloric, trollish, vampiric, etc “Black Metal”!" - I completely agree.

1 - The Daemon Gate
2 - Necromancy
3 - Lord of Terror
4 - Raping Christianity
5 - Dying Spirits
6 - Unleashed
7 - Kill for Satan - The Kings Birth
8 - Sodomizing the Lamb - The Kings conquering
9 - Beyond the Grave - The Kings Reign



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