- Salvé Evil Avenger! First of all I would like to thank you for your patience and free time. Let's start this interview, tell us a little about Front Beast.

- Hailz to you. Well, FRONT BEAST was born in 1999, the first sign of it’s existence was the “Apocalyptic Vengeance“ Demo I released in the same year. From this time on I relesed several demos and 2 Split EP’s, one with INNER HELVETE from your homecountry Lusitânia and one with STAUB a german one man band. FRONT BEAST plays Black Heavy Metal.


- You seem to be a guy who gives a strong value to the primordial Metal in  general. How did started when Metal came into your life?

- You are right. Metal in general is very important to me. I first got into metal, when me and a friend break into some kind of garden house where some other guys from our town had their meeting place. We found several tapes there incl. METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, AC/DC, GUN´s N ROSES, etc.

We took them with us and since then we are addicted to Heavy Metal, or at least I am. The guys which belonged to that house same as my friend who was with me, have nothing to do with Metal anymore.


- What do you talk in the Front Beast lyrics?

- Sex, Drinks and Metal!


- Tell me the bands or other things who "told" your mind to came with a project like Front Beast.

- I guess you ask about my influences here, he he. I’m influenced by all stuff I listen to, but the bands which are a huge influence are DESTRUCTION, JUDAS PRIEST, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM, GRAND BELIAL´s KEY and so on...


- I know you have a label. I have a few tapes of it. How did it all started? Have you been alone into it or you used to work with someone. Tell  me how it came up.

- Well, it started in 1997 when I distributed the demo-tapes of my first band BESTIAL DESECRATION. And one thing lead to another and nowadays it’s a full running official label which releases tapes, vinyl and in the future CD’s too. I do all kinds of Metal, only criteria is that I love the material and can stand behind it.


- I noticed a spirit from the oldies Metal on Front Beast. This is crucial  for you isn't it?

- Yeah, I’m an 80’s addicted Headbanger!  Heavy Metal is the Law!


- About the world-wide Metal. There are emerging good bands but there are emerging bad bands as well... I'm not talking about the sound. The sound production could be better than ten years ago, but what about the ideologies  there's emerging a lot of trend and cliche bands, I think. What do you think about all this?

- I don´t care for trend drenched bands, I avoid them.


- I aprecciate some German bands, but can you mention some good bands to me from the Germanic "scene" as you are into it. Do you think your "scene" suffered an evolution?

- The german scene more or less sucks. There are some great bands such as IRMINGOT, OLD PAGAN, TODESSTOSS, FROST, BILSKIRNIR, MOLOCH and GRAUSAMKEIT. But there is much NS crap like ARMATUS and much Pagan/Viking stuff which is simply not my kind of music.


- What do you think of people that goes into something without thinking then they runaway from it without assuming any responsability?

- It seems like you are talking about the past leaders of the company I work, ha ha! Or Politicians in general. Anyway, when I built bullshit I can take the response too.


- What do you think of all Natural and wild life?

- I think in nowadays society where everyone cares only about his job, money  and status symbols, Nature and our roots become more important than ever. People today completely lost the connection to Nature.


- I know you have a lot splits planned. I saw in your homepage. I also heard a sample mp3 from one of them, can't recall well but I think it is this one that came up recently, Front Beast / Staub. I was impressed with you making a split with Agathocles. Do you know the date of this split and other information?

- The FRONT BEAST/STAUB Split 7“ EP was just released a few weeks ago and it is indeed the one you heard some samples of. The Split with AGx will contain an older track of FRONT BEAST which was only released on the “Feast of the Goat“ compilationtape so far, the 2nd track will be a JUDAS PRIEST covertrack. This one was released as a bonustrack on the split-tape with INFERIOR. That tape was limited to 100 copies and therefore not spreaded much too. The AGx  side will have 4 newer tracks recorded live in Leipzig/Germany in early 2003. The EP will be out as soon as I have the money to release it via DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS. Should be still this year.


- The last one, tell me some of your future plans.

- At the moments I have some recordings going on where Machosias of PAGAN WINTER/OLD PAGAN is doing session drums. The vinyl-version of the Split 7“ EP with INFERIOR should be out via REGIMENTAL RECORDS (US) soon. The “Ars satanic ex Tempus“ 7“ EP will be out through TOTAL HOLOCAUST REC’s (SWE) soon too. The Black Pest Metal DEMO was just released on INCOFFIN PROD. in Thailand, this is a re-release of the “Victims of Death“ and “Procreation in Fire“ Demotapes with 2 bonustracks (one of them my side of the Split EP with STAUB). Beside this no news!


- Thanks for the interview, hope you aprecciated it. Last words are yours......

- Thanx for the interview , the Black Pest will rise again, in whatever form.






55235 Flonheim/Germany