Corpus Christii - "In League with Blackmetal" (Hiberica, CD, 2002)
Corpus Christii with their previous work "The Fire God" became one of the most significative bands within the portuguese Blackmetal scene, so, in Portugal, this album was awaited with somekind of expectations.
Those who are expecting a follow-up for last years' "The Fire God" may get a little bit disapointed, because this album only has 4 new songs in a total of 10.
This new album is a concept album dedicated to Blackmetal! It starts with two new songs that, in my point of view, are in the same vein of "The Fire God". Following these songs we have covers from Kreator and Darkthrone. These two covers were very well executed and I think that they managed to capture the original essence of the songs, special in Kreator's "Tormentor". The fifth and sixth tracks of thr album are two re-recordings of old songs, which didn't brought anything new to the songs. Next we have two covers from the portuguese bands Decayed and Celtic Dance that we're well achieved, especially Decayed's "Fuck Your God". The last two songs of the album really surprised me, they show the experimental part of Corpus Christii, but let me tell you that they didn't aroused me much, we better wait and see what future brings...
Corpus Christii said "We decide to record this album has a homage to Blackmetal" and I think that, all in all, the tribute was well payed.

I - The Present Trauma
    1 - Forever Destroyed
    2 - In League...
II - The Past Will Forever Reign
    3 - Tormentor (cover from Kreator)
    4 - Triumphant Gleam (cover from Darkthrone)
III - The Past Trauma
    5 - Rape, Torture & Death
    6 -Victoria Cruenta
IV - The Lusitanian Pride
    7 - Ancient Battle Cry (cover from Celtic Dance)
    8 -Fuck Your God (cover from Decayed)
V - The Distorted Pain of the Future
    9 - Submissive
    10 - Eyes of Destiny



Corpus Christii - "The Fire God" (Hiberica, CD, 2001)
One of the most awaited releases in Lusitanian grounds for the end of 2001, is finally out. Nocturnus Horrendus and Ignis Nox, the mentors of this project, have delivered us, once again, a fast and powerful Blackmetal album.
This new album brings a more mature band, specially in the composition of the songs (though the lyrics are in the same vein of Saeculum Domini), where you can see a much more varied and coherent work (check, for instance "Lusitânia de Orgulho e Honra", a very nationalist track), but don't be scared, for the traditional harshness is still present. Technically this isn't anyway a masterpiece, but it indeed transmits an enormous amount of feeling.
Besides the evolution referred above, there is another aspect which distinguishes this album from it's predecessor - the drums. The drums' work, in my opinion, was the great flaw of their debut album, but that lack was well corrected in this new release, for the drums are very well programmed now and fit really well the music.
Anyhow, this is one of the best Blackmetal albums ever made in Portugal, and with it Corpus Christii will for sure make their mark in the international underground Blackmetal scene.

1 - Victory
2 - The Burning
3 - Penetrator
4 - The Fire God
5 - Lusitânia (De Orgulho e Honra)
6 - Ultra Sonic Violence
7 - Lost Curse of Human Decay
8 - Reflex of Nothingness
9 - Buried by Time and Dust

P.S. Necrobutcher participated in the recordings of Mayhem's cover "Buried by Time and Dust"



Storm Legion "Rebirth of the Flame" (EP, 2002, Hiberica)
By the second attack I must say I saw an evolution in Storm Legion’s sonority. Now, I can call it Storm Legion, only, because now I don’t see absolutely any influences of the bands where these guys are involved. Their sound became a little more atmospheric but still with some intense parts. What surprised me in this EP was that they made a personal style without influences of the other bands they’re into, I think it’s difficult because there are things we still do on our way of playing the instruments even if we are in completely different projects, maybe the band should know it better than me…
Anyway, I like the songs, specially the first one… “Messengers”, it has a nice feeling and combines calm parts with faster parts and I think it’s an intense track. The production it’s ok at my point of view, but I just think the voice in the last track “No Horizonte Uma Torre” should be louder, but that’s nothing special. This EP made me like a little more this band, I never though they can do such material, I wasn’t expecting more melodic riffs and different vocals… I was expecting something in the vein of “Statement…” but sincerely I prefer this way, Storm Legion way.

1 - Messengers
2 - Daughters of Misanthropy
3 - No Horizonte uma Torre


Lord Infaustum

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