Horna is a Finnish band that plays straightforward Blackmetal with a great amount of attitude. The purpose of this interview is their concert in Portugal that happened in the last year, the future of the band and many more… I talked with Shatraug, the guitarist which patiently answered my questions



- Hail Shatraug! Thanks a lot for your availability in answering this interview. You and Moredhel started Horna back in 1993. What were your objectives back then? Are they the same now?
Hail… When we started we had only one objective, to create the darkest music we could think of and within it, spread our thoughts and feelings like we were living them at that time. My ambitions have grown since then but it’s still my passion to create music from my heart, carving the art from my soul. Along the path we have received much, including contracts and live shows but I still feel like I did in the beginning. I have not allowed myself to be blinded by any “success” in releasing records or shit like that. I’m living the underground even today.


- When starting the band you were surely influenced by some bands. Can you tell me the bands that influenced you the most back than? Do you still listen to those bands?
In the beginning we were most influenced by bands like Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Emperor and Darkthrone and I still am, to a certain extent. I listen to each of these bands still, though not their latest offerings except for that of Darkthrone. It seems that the old bands are loosing the spirit that once drove them into creation… I listen to demo bands and total underground fanatics more than ever these days. Somehow an album contract ruins most of the bands out there…


- Your vocalist Satanic Warmaster left thee band in 2001. His departure was just due to his solo project, or was there any other reason?
Not due his solo projects but because he could not find any motivation left in his heart to continue with Horna. We all felt it was better to find a new vocalist than have a half-hearted man singing and feeling forced to do so. This band requires dedication and if you feel one bit of hesitation, it's already too late to continue… We are still good friends like we've always been. This has not changed at all. His replacement Corvus is a worthy follower.


- Someone that has followed your career caan clearly see that you had a great evolution since the earlier days until now. I think that sonority is quite the same; the great evolution was in the experience in composing songs gained during the years. Do you agree with me?
I can’t disagree either.


- You release a great amount of material every year. How does the composition of the songs work in the band? Is there any pre-established method or things just come out naturally.

- I have always composed nearly everything and that's the way we're working these days as well. I am constantly in the process of creation and everything I do I write down. When we need to record anything I go through my notes and see what we could do that time. Even now I have plenty of songs waiting to be recorded, the same with lyrics. It's all nearly like an obsession to me, though I'd prefer to use the word “devotion”.


- Since the debut demo you’ve released matterial through different labels. Is there any special reason for don’t releasing every material in the same label?
We made sure that our main-label Woodcut has not rights to release any vinyl from us. We want to keep on supporting good underground labels and bands, and that's why we release material on different labels. Mostly to reach different people and to avoid one source having “monopoly” over Horna releases. We don't need only one label, it's not necessary for us.


- What was the global result of the Europeean tour you did in the last year? How was it to spend more than a week on the road with bands like Taake or Celestia?
The gigs and places were interesting, people were great except in Spain (fucking retards!) and we enjoyed ourselves. The only thing worth complaining about was the traveling itself. Great distances took a lot of our energy and in the end we were glad it was over. Though, we'd do another tour any day. I think the tour was quite a success for us and we are looking anxiously to return on Mid-European soil again. The audience is much better there than here in Finland.


- In the end of this tour you did a concert in Portugal. What is your opinion about that gig? Did you like the Portuguese audience?
The gig in Portugal was one of our best and the place was excellent. There weren´t enough people to my liking though. It was the first time ever being in Portugal as well. A good day to get off the memory of fucking Spain…


- I know that you are also planning a few concerts in Finnish territory. So I see that you really enjoy playing live. There are some bands that concentrate solely in studio work. Do you understand this bands?
Horna is the only band playing live where I am a member in so it's easy to understand. Some projects would require more rehearsing and practicing to get them on stage and from my personal experience I can tell that there's not enough time. That's probably one reason why some bands never play live. Another reason for me is that some music was never meant to be performed for an audience…


- I know that in this moment you are writiing the songs for a split CD with the also Finnish band Behexen. What can we expect for these new songs? Are they in the same vein as your latest releases?
Actually, at this moment we have recorded those songs and I think we're still on the same path, following the hateful way that “Sudentaival” showed us. We are widening our creation with more and more influences from other sources yet keeping it entirely black metal in spirit. The soul of Horna has grown, aged like a good wine…


-What is your opinion about the Finnish Bllackmetal scene? And about the Underground Blackmetal scene in general?
Good bands and shit, just like everywhere else. The same with the entire underground scene.


- For conclusion. I would like to know youur plans for the near future and wish you the best luck for the future with the band and for yourself. The final words are yours…
Hail the Black Alliance… devotion and desecration! Three horns up for the brothers in Behexen, Musta Surma and Vornat! Next plans are to release all the vinyl we´ve recorded so far and then have a little break to rehearse and compose the 5th Horna album…