For those less familiar with this band, InThyFlesh is a Portuguese Blackmetal band that was born in the end of the last millennium. I can label their sound has very cold and raw Blacmetal with a great attitude, but you have to listen by yourself to judge it.
I talked with Sataere (Vocals)...

- Hail Sataere! Thanks a lot for your availability in answering my questions. Let's start by telling us how did In Thy Flesh appeared.
I thank you for your interest. InThyFlesh appeared when I decided to join forces with Inferi Dii to create the music we really like. Then other members came in, others left… well, the usual old shit

- What were your purposes when creating this project? Have you achieved any of that purposes by now?
Our main purpose was to create Black Metal as we think it should be and to play live. I think we have achieved what we wanted. We are really satisfied with our music, it is really what we like and want and the reactions from around had been great too! We already have played live sometimes

- Tell us about the main musical influences you had when the band started. Are they the same now?
InThyFlesh is influenced by the Portuguese Decayed! They are our inspiration for their music, strength and way of being in Black Metal. We All Hail Decayed!

- Where you pleased by the reactions you had in Lusitanian soil with your releases? And about the reactions in the worldwide Underground scene, were they good?
Reactions to our stuff have been great. Really great! In Portugal we have been well accepted by a large audience and other bands have being supporting us also. World wide acknowledged us very good. Specially in Germany.

- I heard that your last performance in Trllogia Bar was really killer, what can you tell me about this live performance and about the other live performances you had until now.
Our last performance went very well. We played with Viingrid and our good friends Flagellum Dei, which was an honor to play with. The place was fine, sound also. I think it was the best concert InThyFlesh played until now, it was the first time for Flagellum Dei in (O)Porto and Viingrid are starting…
We had a couple of live performances to forget. I don’t know in what we were thinking to play in such places… but… at least it gave us more stage experience. We all learn with our mistakes.

- Do you intent to keep performing live, or are you planning in quit playing live and dedicate solely to studio work?
We may start to dedicate only to studio work. It doesn’t mean we won’t play live anymore, but it will become much rarer. Some of us don’t have so much time to play live, and audiences are worst each time. There’s nothing for sure by now, but InThyFlesh will be around for some years, by one way or another.

- I know that you are involved in the new Portuguese Blackmetal compilation "Lusitânia Dark Horde" organized by Nocturnus Horrendus from Corpus Christii, what can you tell us about this compilation?
This compilation is a very good way to spread Portuguese Black Metal, in Portugal and World wide. Portugal has very good BM bands and people will be able to check it. It is a pleasure to participate in a Cd with Corpus Christii, Flamma Aeterna, Storm Legion, Flagellum Dei and others.

- Besides this compilation, are you working in any new material?
Yes. We are preparing a split-CD with Flagellum Dei. Expect InThyFlesh more aggressive and fast than in our previous releases. Then, only next year we might record a new Cd. Until there we have to spread our Mcd “Spearhead the Insurrection” and the split CD.

- What do you think about the Blackmetal scene in Portugal nowadays? What future do you predict for Blackmetal in Portugal?
There are great bands in our country. I could name some, but let people find by themselves if they are really interested.

- About the worldwide Blackmetal scene, what is your opinion about it?
I think Black Metal is strong. It could be better if some bands continued the True Path.
I’m into USBM very much. They play Black Metal as it should be… violent, grim and raw!

- Do you have any opinion about the recent trends in the metal scene, such as the "extreme-metall" wave, for instance?
I don’t worry myself too much with any kind of trendy shit that may appear! Everything that is not true soon or later will disappear. Trendy-gay-shit-pink-happy-music… Fuck Them All!

- Thanks a lot for being available for answering my questions, good luck for you and for InThyFlesh in the future. Let's finish by telling us what are your plans for the near future and also some words for Sinful Obscurity readers.
By now we are preparing the split CD. Maybe some concerts. I hope my words are worth for anything! Thanks for interest and support. Black Metal Reigns Supreme.