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Judas Iscariot - "Moonlight Butchery" (No Colours Records, MCD, 2002)
Akhenathen presents here another one of his inumerous releases. This time we are greeted with a MCD released through the German label No Colours Records. This MCD is quite different from the two latest releases of Judas Iscariot. In my opinion the best way to analyse this release is to divide it into two parts, being the first one the two first songs and the second the two last songs.
In the first part we can see an aproximation to what the band has done in the earlier releases, I mean that the sound is dominated by mid-pace rythms and extroardinary painful atmospheres. About the second part it is clearly dominated by high paced rythms and razor-sharp riffs, or in other terms, it is quite similar with the two lates releases.
I don't know how many albums has Judas Iscariot released so far, neither how many more will be released, the only think I know is that we are always presented with good material, so I have to congratulate Akhenaten for that.

1 - Moonlight Butchery / Death's Hammer
2 - Crucified / Conjuring Hell's Fire
3 - Armageddon
4 - Winterheart



Judas Iscariot - "Distant in Solitary Night" (Moribund Records, CD,1997)
Another album from Akhenaten, joining to his enormous amount of releases. As always Akhenaten, composed and performed all the songs in this release, so don't expect any major changes in the sound, for the traditional harshness and grimness are still present in this album as probably will be in all Judas Iscariot releases.
I think this album is a little bit faster than its predecessors, but you can still listen to the very common mid-paced moments present in the other releases. This mid-paced moments serve to brake the monotony that comes allied with the faster rhythms.
A particular detail that I found outstanding was the lyrical part, because all the songs are connected to each other, so this is what I like to call, and appreciate very much - a concept album. In this album Akhenaten expresses his will to destroy christianity and the weakness allied to this and to other religions and he expresses his feelings in a very nihilistic view of humanity. I think that the purpose of transmitting this idea was completely achieved, because the lyrics allied with Akhenaten's harsh voice and cold riffs, transmit the feeling in a superior way, seeming to me, that even if I hadn't read the lyrics, I would know what he was trying to say just by listening to the songs!
This album proofs (as if it was needed) that Judas Iscariot will always be at the top of the Blackmetal Underground Legions - a must!

1 - The Wind Stands Silent
2 - Where the Winter Beats Incessant
3 - The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky
4 - The Clear Moon, and the Glory of the Darkness
5 - To the Black Tower of Victory
6 - In the Bliss of the Eternal Valleys of Hate
7 - Portions of Eternity Too Great for the Eye of Man



Judas Iscariot - "Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten" (No Colours Records, MCD, 2000)
I wonder...how does Akhenaten gets time to sleep? How many albums will he release during his life, a billion?? The first time I heard this guy I though: "Well, he must be Norwegian", because of the clear influence of bands like Darkthrone and Burzum in the album. Wrong! He's American and we can label his music as violent, fast and grim Black Metal spitting sheer brutality towards Christianity and everything related with it ("...what black metal is all about: destroying Christianity and its subhuman followers!", said he during a live performance). The tracks here displayed are cold and raw as Hell, and by this time you've probably deduced that technique and precision aren't - and probably will never be - present in Akhenaten's music. Everything is quite simple and effective, as in all the previous works; fast rythms, a quite sloven drumming, an extremely harsh voice (I consider it as a blending between Abbath in "Pure Holocaust" with Gaahl in "Under The Sign of Hell") and gelid guitar riffing. This MCD has 5 tracks and 2 of them consist mostly on slower parts, that keep up the interest and put eventual boredom aside (respectively "Journey Through Visions of War" and the instrumental "March upon a Mighty Throne"). My preference goes to "Descent to The Abyss", it's a very intense track. Sometimes this album reminds me of Darkthrone's "Transilvanian Hunger", but in a "blitzkrieg" version. Highly recommended if you follow intensively the "true" Blackmetal scene.

1 - Descent to the Abyss
2 - Benevolent Whore, Dethroned for Eternity
3 - Journey through Visions of War
4 - March upon a Mighty Throne
5 - Spill the Blood of the Lamb (Special Blitzkrieg Version)