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Limbonic Art - "In Abhorrence Dementia" (Nocturnal Art Productions, CD, 1997)
After the magnificent debut album "Moon in the Scorpio", Limbonic Art are back, this time with an album called "In Abhorrence Dementia".
First thing you notice by listening to this album, is the much better production compared with the first one. The production and the much more experience in writing the lyrics and composing the songs are the main differences between this album and its precessor.
Now the album itself... I must say that this is a completely original piece of Blackmetal. Starting by the astonishing work of the keyboards, not very usual in a Blackmetal album. This is the only band that uses excessively keyboards that I can really appreciate, because they showed other bands that use (should I say try to use?), keyboards how it is supposed to be done: the keyboards are used to make the dark atmospheres, not to make some kind of romantic atmospheres, but the guitars still have a preponderant role in the rhythm/melody. This album transcends a dark environment, but it has still a lot of fast and brutal moments. This combination of brutal moments with atmospheric synths parts makes this a very varied album, and it's in this variation that relies the true spirit of Limbonic Art.
Limbonic Art with the release of this album have consolidated the sound created with "Moon in the Scorpio" and it is their own sound, not a trend as we see on most of the bands nowadays.

1 - In Abhorrence Dementia
2 - A Demonoid Virtue
3 - A Venomous Kiss Of Profane Grace
4 - When Mind And Flesh Departs
5 - Deathtrip To A Mirage Asylum
6 - Under Burdens Of Life's Holocaust
7 - Oceania
8 - Behind The Mask Obscure
9 - Misanthropic Spectrum



Limbonic Art - “The Ultimate Death Worship” (Nocturnal Art Productions, CD, 2002)
Daemon’s and Morpheu´s Limbonic Art continue to establish a new paradigm in Black Metal.
At hands with the fifth recorded album, Limbonic Art shows us a real parallel existence through interstellar voyages, reaching out to Hell in a blasphemed way. Focusing in a diabolic sense of purgatorial voyages and cosmic release of the soul, this album is different conceptually from the last works of L. Art. The stiffness in Limbonic Art’s work in my opinion is basically showing the misanthropic aspect of life and the lugubrious mystery of death’s embrace. Purely melodic and extremely grotesque are senses to classify the unique path that this band has developed
- finding disharmony in immaterial post mortem bliss and melodic waltzes in the universal primordial chaos.
Is it true the unofficial rumor that Limbonic Art has recorded the ultimate album of their carrier? Could it be possible “The Ultimate Death Worship” symbolizes the terminus of a spiritual/melo – symphonic state? Are they exhausted working on Dimension F3H project? May be…
“The Ultimate Death Worship” conceals raw guitars, less keyboards and rhythm
(box beats) and direct lyrics. Conceptually is more about dissipation of the self, disturbance and satanic dreamscapes of demonic possessions. Torture speaks by itself without any metaphors; Hell is a place where souls are prisoners of impiety… Bla Bla Bla, Bullshit! They are sick of repeating on and on the same ideas.
This album’s worth for “Suicide Commando”, “Purgatorial Agony”, “Towards the Oblivion of Dreams” and “From the Shades of Hatred”.
Probably "Funeral of Death" is really the final bereavement of Limbonic Art’s dementia.
Limbonic Art had since always deserved my special attention but they are truly draining their imagination in the lifeless formula their selves conceived. For less disappointment is better to listen
to “Moon In The Scorpio” and “In Abhorrence Dementia”.

1 - Ultimate Death Worship
2 - Suicide Commando
3 - Purgatorial Agony
4 - Towards the Oblivion of Dreams
5 - Last Rite for the Silent Star
6 - Interstellar Overdrive
7 - From the Shades of Hatred
8 - Funeral of Death


Lubna Magnis

Lugubre “Bloodshedding War Hymns” (Hell War Productions, Demo-tape, 2003)
In spite of not being their first release, before listening to this demo I didn’t knew these guys very
well. They’re from the Netherlands and they perform a fast and good Anti-human Black Metal. “Bloodshedding War Hymns” consists of five tracks: the intro, which is very apocalyptic and hypnotic, then, we have a new track “Decreasing Of Human Population” which is composed by simple riffs, melancholic but brutal at the same time, the drums are fast paced, but it doesn’t decrease the feeling from the guitars. The vocals aren’t bad but I think it should be sickest, anyway, it is irrelevant… just an opinion, the vocalist handles it well. This track reminds me of Darkthrone, maybe because with simple riffs these guys are able to create a melancholic yet violent track… the third and the fourth track are covers, “Inferno” from Striid and and “Down there…” from Beherit. The cover from Beherit is very well achieved, the vocals are growled and the drums very good, seeming to me that the typical Beherit chaotic atmosphere was well captured. Finally, the last track is a live one, named “Blitzkrieg”, a very brutal track, well; just the name “Blitzkrieg” says everything. This demo tape doesn’t have a awesome production but you can listen what this guys are playing, and believe me… they’re good but they have potential to be better, because what we can hear here isn’t nothing new, but is, nonetheless, a good release.

1 - Intro
2 -
Decreasing Of Human Population
3 - Inferno (Striid Cover)
4 - Down There... (Beherit cover)
5 - Blitzkrieg (live)



Lux Ferre - "Unholy Ascendance of Satan" (War Productions, Demo-tape, 2003)
"Unholy Ascendance of Satan" is the follower for last year's "Wicked Riffs of War". They follow the same approach for their second demo, but the evolution is quite evident. Now the songs are much more consistent and varied, and the great flaw of their previous demo was very well corrected, for now the drums are very well inserted and fit really well the music.
About the other instruments, the guitars play very catchy riffs and the bass has a very discrete presence, but who cares? The vocalization is very good and most of the times follows the guitar lines which in my opinion only favours their sound.
The lyrics are supplied with the demo, which is not very common nowadays, so I have to congratulate the band for this. The lyrical aspect is not the best I've read in my life, but it is effective, featuring the usual Blackmetal themes.
Besides two original songs this demo features three covers as a tribute part to the bands that influenced them the most. This covers are very well achieved, especially Venom's "Blackmetal".
As for a conclusion, I said in the review to "Wicked Riffs of War" that we'd better watch out for these guys, and if they continue evolving at this speed they will soon become the talk of the town in Portugal.


Side A Side B
1 - ...Frrom the Ancient Shores of Lucefecit 3 - Blackmetal (Venom)
2 - Baal Sabbath (Hircus Noctuenus - Five Pointed Soul) 4 - Zum Kotzen (Impaled Nazarene)
  5 - Sleep of Death (Samael)


Lux Ferre - "Wicked Riffs of War" (Demo, 2002)
Another portuguese Blackmetal band! The style is growing bigger in Portugal in the last years, at a speed I would never guess, but let's talk about what really matters, the demo. This demo really pleased me, specially because I wasn't expecting such amount of dedication from a new-born band.
About the intrumentalization, as the title of the demo sugests, the riffs were well achieved - very simple and cold as they should, but in conter-hand the drum's machine sound is very annoying, and I think that they could, and should for the following releases, concern more with the drum's and even try to get a "real" drummer.
It's good for me to know that the Blackmetal scene in Portugal it's not stagnated and that there are some people who are trying, as I am, to transform Blackmetal back into the spirit of the early days. Anyhow, watch out for this guys.

1 - Lus Fiere
2 - Realm of Fire
3 - Like Swords Ripping the Sky
4 - New Age Dominion
5 - The Return of the Darkness and Evil (Bathory cover)
6 - Stick thy Faith in god's Anal Cavity
7 - Exhumed Liver of Christ