Armagedda - "The Final War Approaching" (Breath of Night/Merciless Records, CD, 2001)
Still by the name of Volkermorde this guys from Sweden released an homonymous demo tape, after that they changed their moniker to Armagedda and this is their debut album.
And what a great debut this is! When I listened to this for the first time I was completely taken away from time and thought that I was in the early Blackmetal days! The guitars riffs are completely awesom, seeming to me that they were written by Euronymous himself. This means that the riffs are very cold and direct. The drum's part is also very well achieved, playing most of the time in fast rythms, the bass has a quite descrete presence and the vocals are also very good - completely harsh.
This is what a Blackmetal album should be, simple, but with great effectiveness! So if you are into Blackmetal this is an essential album! One of the best that i've put my hands to in the last few years.

1 - Deathminded
2 - Sign of Evil
3 - The Final War Approaching
4 - Skogens Morka Djup
5 - Unholy Sacrifice
6 - Undergång
7 - Död & Pina
8 - My Eternal Journey



Godless North - "Summon the Age of Supremacy" (Merciless Records/Breath of Night, CD, 2001)
This Canadian band released a demotape in 1998 named "Dark Rites of the Mystic Order" that received very good reviews within the Underground scene. Now, three years and couple of delays later, their debut "Summon the Age of Supremacy" is finally out.
By listening to this record, the first thing I noticed was that they continue in the same vein of the demo, but now you can clearly see more experience, specially in the way the songs are composed.
If you're not familiar with their demo I can classify their sound as a blending between Darkthrone's "Transylvanian Hunger" and Moonblood's "Blut Und Krieg", so don't expect a good production and a very technical album, for this is Blackmetal as it was meant to be: cold, harsh and primitive.
The only flaw I can point in this release is that the songs are relatively long and always at a high-pace, so it sometimes gets a little boring. But's it's not this detail that will change my opinion that this is a very good album.

1. Intro
2. Glory of the Past Returns
3. Dark Skies Over Vinland
4. Under the Veil of Night
5. Winter of Cleansing
6. Upon Heathen Battlefields
7. Dawn of a New Empire
8.Wisdom of the Ancient Cults
9. ... The Wolf Unleashed - Outro