Morrigan are a German band that started back in the early 90’s by the name of Mayhemic Truth, but after three demos and an album called “In Memoriam” (though this album is just the re-release of two of the demos) they split up. Although in 2000 Balor and Beliar re-united once again and formed Morrigan. I talked with Balor, the drummer, about their latest effort “Enter the Sea of Flames”, their following album, among other stuff…



- Hail Balor! First of all I would like too thank you for being available for answer my questions. Let’s start by the telling us a little bit about the early days when you founded Mayhemic Truth…
- Well, M
ayhemic Truth was formed by Beliar (G;V) and me (Balor, D) back in 1993. We released 3 demos (Son Of Dawn, Promotape ´94 and Demo ´96) and a 7"EP called "Cythraw". In 1997 the band split up, because Beliar deceided to left the band...


- You splited up back in 1998, why did thiis happen? Was there any special reason behind it?
- How I´ve said, Beliar left the band and the chapter Mayhemic Truth was closed...


- The music spoke stronger than the reasons you mentioned above, and you formed Morrigan. By forming Morrigan you had the same intentions as when forming Mayhemic Truth?
- Beliar and I came together in the year 22000 once again and Morrigan was


- Your last album “Enter the Sea of Flamess” was received very well, so well that the limited edition was sold out in no time at all. Were you expecting such a reaction?

- Honestly spoken, yes! - The first album was sold out in 3 months, too...


- I think that this new album is much moree alike with the songs you wrote as Mayhemic Truth. Do you agree with me? If no, how do you label this release?

- Well, I think, the whole Morrigan stuff is in the same line as the Mayhemic Trtuh stuff...


- I know that at the moment you’re recordiing some new songs. For when is scheduled the new album? What can you tell me more about this new release?

- Yes! - At the moment we working on the recordings for the 3rd Morrigan CD "Celts". I think, the CD will be out at the end of this year or in the beginning of the next year. Than now it looks like, that we will release the next CD by ourselves.

- You are preparing a tour for the next yeear along with Mystifier, Abigail and Eminenz. Have you confirmed any dates yet?

- At the moment I wait for the answers of the clubs that we contactet for thisproject. Than now it shows, that the tour will destroy the following citys: Stuttgart, Bitterfeld, Berlin, Rotterdam, Gent, Marseille, Barcelona, Mayland, Vienna, Zürich and Elterlein.


- The purpose of this tour is to promote yyour upcoming release?

- Yes!


- When you started the band Bathory were tthe great influence for you. What are the great influences for the band now?

- I think, the infulence is the same as in the past...


-Morrigan is no longer connected to the German label Barbarian Wrath. Can you name me the reasons for this "separation"?

- At the moment, Opyros is more interested in his family-live than in his label. Also we decided to left this label.


- Now some personal questions… What do youu think about the world wide metal scene and its evolution since the 80’s?

- Honestly spoken, the Metal scene of these days do not really interest me...


- And about the Blackmetal scene? Do you tthink the evolution has been in the right way?

- Black Metal is an album by Venom and no music-style !


- Thanks a lot, again, for your availabiliity. Let’s end this interview by telling me what are your plans for the near future and leaving some words, advices, whatever you want to the Sinful Obscurity readers.

- Thanx for the inti !