Limbonic Art - “The Ultimate Death Worship” (Nocturnal Art Productions, CD, 2002)
Daemon’s and Morpheu´s Limbonic Art continue to establish a new paradigm in Black Metal.
At hands with the fifth recorded album, Limbonic Art shows us a real parallel existence through interstellar voyages, reaching out to Hell in a blasphemed way. Focusing in a diabolic sense of purgatorial voyages and cosmic release of the soul, this album is different conceptually from the last works of L. Art. The stiffness in Limbonic Art’s work in my opinion is basically showing the misanthropic aspect of life and the lugubrious mystery of death’s embrace. Purely melodic and extremely grotesque are senses to classify the unique path that this band has developed
- finding disharmony in immaterial post mortem bliss and melodic waltzes in the universal primordial chaos.
Is it true the unofficial rumor that Limbonic Art has recorded the ultimate album of their carrier? Could it be possible “The Ultimate Death Worship” symbolizes the terminus of a spiritual/melo – symphonic state? Are they exhausted working on Dimension F3H project? May be…
“The Ultimate Death Worship” conceals raw guitars, less keyboards and rhythm
(box beats) and direct lyrics. Conceptually is more about dissipation of the self, disturbance and satanic dreamscapes of demonic possessions. Torture speaks by itself without any metaphors; Hell is a place where souls are prisoners of impiety… Bla Bla Bla, Bullshit! They are sick of repeating on and on the same ideas.
This album’s worth for “Suicide Commando”, “Purgatorial Agony”, “Towards the Oblivion of Dreams” and “From the Shades of Hatred”.
Probably "Funeral of Death" is really the final bereavement of Limbonic Art’s dementia.
Limbonic Art had since always deserved my special attention but they are truly draining their imagination in the lifeless formula their selves conceived. For less disappointment is better to listen
to “Moon In The Scorpio” and “In Abhorrence Dementia”.

1 - Ultimate Death Worship
2 - Suicide Commando
3 - Purgatorial Agony
4 - Towards the Oblivion of Dreams
5 - Last Rite for the Silent Star
6 - Interstellar Overdrive
7 - From the Shades of Hatred
8 - Funeral of Death


Lubna Magnis

Limbonic Art - "In Abhorrence Dementia" (Nocturnal Art Productions, CD, 1997)
After the magnificent debut album "Moon in the Scorpio", Limbonic Art are back, this time with an album called "In Abhorrence Dementia".
First thing you notice by listening to this album, is the much better production compared with the first one. The production and the much more experience in writing the lyrics and composing the songs are the main differences between this album and its precessor.
Now the album itself... I must say that this is a completely original piece of Blackmetal. Starting by the astonishing work of the keyboards, not very usual in a Blackmetal album. This is the only band that uses excessively keyboards that I can really appreciate, because they showed other bands that use (should I say try to use?), keyboards how it is supposed to be done: the keyboards are used to make the dark atmospheres, not to make some kind of romantic atmospheres, but the guitars still have a preponderant role in the rhythm/melody. This album transcends a dark environment, but it has still a lot of fast and brutal moments. This combination of brutal moments with atmospheric synths parts makes this a very varied album, and it's in this variation that relies the true spirit of Limbonic Art.
Limbonic Art with the release of this album have consolidated the sound created with "Moon in the Scorpio" and it is their own sound, not a trend as we see on most of the bands nowadays.

1 - In Abhorrence Dementia
2 - A Demonoid Virtue
3 - A Venomous Kiss Of Profane Grace
4 - When Mind And Flesh Departs
5 - Deathtrip To A Mirage Asylum
6 - Under Burdens Of Life's Holocaust
7 - Oceania
8 - Behind The Mask Obscure
9 - Misanthropic Spectrum



Sirius - "Aeons of Magick" (Nocturnal Art Productions, CD, 2000)
After the so welled received "The Eclipse Demo" released in 1998, it finally came out the awaited first SiriuS album entitled "Aeons of Magick".
Before the release of this album, Z (drummer) left the band, thus the drums where recorded by Vukodlack.
Surprisingly, the album was released by Nocturnal Art Productions (owned by Emperor's Samoth) and recorded in Norway.
Now the album... Sirius have a very characteristic sound mainly based on synths parts but, in this album, they managed  to make very good links between the fast parts of the songs and the synth atmospheric "interruptions". But the main  thing that one notices when listening to this record is the reduced guitar contribution, the guitar appears as lead very few times, being the synth much more prominent.
The lyrical concept  is based upon cosmical concepts and  let me say that the lyrics are very well written, but a little bit difficult to understand specially to someone who is not familiarized with archaic English.
One of the things that really surprised me in this record was the drum part, Vukodlack showed that besides his well known skills as keyboard player he is an excellent drummer.
For me this is the Portuguese metal album of the year (2000), they showed that good Blackmetal isn't played only in the Nordic countries, it can be played all over the world, all that is required is a big passion for Blackmetal.

1 - Sidereal Mirror
2 - The Collapsing Spheres of Time
3 - Ethereal Flames of Chaos
4 - The Stargate
5 - Travellers of the Stellar Ocean
6 - Aeons of Magick
7 - Beyond the Scarlet Horizon



Sirius - "Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius" (Nocturnal Art Producions, CD, 2001)
Their debut album "Aeons of Magick" (reviewed above) created many expectations, specially in Lusitanian grounds, about this new release. First thing you notice is the correction of the principal mistake of the previous album: the guitars now have a dominant role in the sound, the orchestrations that dominated the first album, at the first listening, seem to be forgotten, but after you hear the album with more attention, you'll discover that they are still present but in a different way, this time to make the atmospheres, not the lead.
About the lyrics, they are still based upon cosmical concepts, and continue with their inaccessibility to the ones who are not familiarized with archaic English.
The instrumentalization is much more complex now, the guitar work is very technical and the drumming is very, very good - the best played in Portugal.
Now the bad part, this album was released almost at the same time as Zyklon's "World ov Worms" and the similarities with that album are evident, maybe this happened because the two bands recorded the albums in the same studio, and the producer of this Sirius album was Samoth, who is the mentor of Zyklon.
This is a very good album, but the resemblances with Zyklon, don't go in their favor, specially to whom have not listened to their first album...

1 - Spectral Transition
2 - Spiritual Metamorphosis - Destroy The Earthly
3 - In Astral Plains Of Trance
4 - Abstract Eerie Corridors
5 - Desolate Magnetic Fields
6 - Into Forbidden Dimensions
7 - Axis
8 - Stellar Transcendence
9 - Paradox Timeline
10 - Dimension Quantum
11 - The Majesty Of The Nightsky (Emperor cover)

P.S. Faust participated in the recording of "The Majesty of the Nightsky"



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