Abominattion - "Rites of the Eternal Hate" (Progress Music, CD, 2001)
This is the debut album of the Brazilian Abominattion, and it's also the debut release of this new Portuguese label - Progress Music. When you think of Deathmetal coming from Brazil, the first name appearing in your mind is surely Krisiun, but this guys manage to made some kind of an original Deathmetal, not following the typical "cloning" of well succeed bands of this style.
But let's talk about this album... This band really shows a great amount of technique, the guitar work is amazing, allying very technical riffs with some outstanding solos, the drumming part is also very good, Cipriano Maffei is constantly using the double drum pedal.
About the lyrical part, I can classify them as Satanic Deathmetal, but the lyrics are one of the weak parts of this album... because one can see very grammar errors, and this errors cause use you sometimes the feeling of don't understand what they are trying to say. The other weak part of this album is the production, the guitars seem very distant, being constantly muffled by the drums, and this is kind of frustrating, because the guitars play very good riffs.
Anyway, I think this is a good album and a good band that has a great future ahead of them.

1 - Rites of the Eternal Hate
2 - Abominattion of Creation
3 - Real Glory Revealed
4 - Diabolical Redemption
5 - Burn on Behalf of god
6 - Hated by the Flames
7 - The Emptiness of the Flesh
8 - Smell of Death