Exhumed - "Gore Metal" (Relapse Records, CD, 1998)
Along with the Spanish gore grinders Haemorrhage, this quartet from California that answers by the name of Exhumed is my only contact with the gore thematic. With song titles such as "Open The Abcess", "Limb from Limb" and "Casketcrusher", we couldn't expect nothing more than pathological lyrics and sickness from this. The cover artwork isn't the best I've ever seen, but it's quite explicit...entrails all over a kitchen, a plastic head in a microwave (!), a chainsaw covered by intestines and a plastic hand in a pan...that's gore enough for me, thank you very much. About the music, Exhumed combine segments of putrescent bone-crushing Gore Grind with 85% of slicing Death Metal...it's kind of suitable to all those who miss the early days of Carcass (especially the lyrics...although if compared with some of The Berzerker's lyrics, they're nothing but bedtime stories). The only negative aspect here is bad production of the drums, looks like they were recorded in a Portuguese studio...but that is easily surpassed. The final track of this album is a cover version from Sodom, the well-known "Sodomy and Lust" (I'm completely sick of Sodom cover versions). The corpses will spew their guts to the sound of Exhumed, real fucking gore!

1 - Necromaniac
2 - Open the Abcess
3 - Postmortem Procedures
4 - Limb from Limb
5 - Enucleation
6 - CasketCrusher
7 - Deathmask
8 - In my Human SlaughterHouse
9 - Sepulchral Slaughter
10 - Vagitarian II
11 - Blazing Corpse
12 - Deadest of the Dead
13 - Sodomy and Lust



Incantation - "The Infernal Storm" (Relapse Records, CD, 2000)
Probably everyone who's reading this review knows at least something about this cult american Deathmetal band much influenced by Death's first albums. Formed in 1989 by John McEntee and Paul Ledney, they're line-up consists now in John McEntee (guitar), Rob Yench (bass), Mike Saez (guitars/vox), and Duane Timlin (he's from Sarcophagus and is the drummer only for touring effects). Well, 2 years have passed since their last release entitled "Diabolical Conquest" and the changes in this "Infernal Storm" are almost inexistent (they're one of the few bands that still remains faithful to its roots). This is fast satanic death metal; a blending of heavy, really intense passages with fast-paced and brutal catchy riffs. Concerning the lyrical concept, with track names such as "Apocalyptic Destroyer of Angels" and "Heaven Departed", I guess you'll know what to expect from here (unless you're retarded, but that's not my fault). As for the production, I think the sound is a bit low when compared with the "Diabolical Conquest" album, but that's not much relevant. Despite the absence of something new here, this is a very good album, one more triumph to the true warriors of blasphemy.

1 - Anoint the Chosen
2 - Extinguishing Salvation
3 - Impetuous Rage
4 - Sempiternal Pandemonium
5 - Lustful Demise
6 - Heaven Departed
7 - Apocalyptic Destroyer of Angels
8 - Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment



Mortician - "Hacked Up For Barbecue" (Relapse Records, CD, 1996)
If you're into brutal deathmetal and ignore the existence of these guys, please DIE. Raw and relentless music, that's the deal here, inclusively they have been called "the most brutal fucking band in the universe!". Previously under the moniker of Casket, the band was formed in '89 by Will Rahmer (bass/vocals) and Matt Sicher (drums) and this was their second release, following 1996's "House by The Cemetery". This album has nothing new, Mortician continued with their well known and very particular style. Almost all the tracks have intros/outros from gore and horror movies, the drum machine is faster than Hell (they use it since '94 cause a proper drummer couldn't be recruted), Will's vocals are inhumanly cavernous (I think that this guy's voice comes from the very deep of his entrails or something like that), the bass is 100% distorted and the guitar has a very powerful sound. Concerning the lyrics, they're very reduced and focus the usual stuff such as death, gore, cannibalism and so on ("Boring through the skin Eating from within Feasting on the guts Drinking bile and pus", for instance). Probably you'll find this album extremely monotonous and stripped from originality...but actually I'm fond of it, nowadays I'm constantly craving for ruthless brutalities like this!

1 - Bloodcraving
2 - Embalmed Alive
3 - Cremated
4 - Three On A Meathook
5 - Brutally Mutilated
6 - Deranged Insanity
7 - Cannibal Feast
8 - Blown To Pieces
9 - Fog Of Death
10 - Brutal Disfigurement
11 - Apocalyptic Devastation
12 - Inquisition
13 - Hacked Up For Barbecue
14 - Abolition
15 - Necrocannibal 
16 - Ripped In Half
17 - Morbid Butchery
18 - Decapitated
19 - Drilling For Brains
20 - Eaten AliveBy Maggots
21 - Witches Coven
22 - Worms
23 - Annihilation 
24 - Mortician



Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines (Cd, Relapse Records, 2002)
Finally we are presented with a true death metal masterpiece. I must confess that’s been long times since something
with so strong potential have entered my CD player (and spirit).
The Americans Nile has been recognized by their technical composition and combination of death metal and Egyptian mythology/culture.
The band recruited a new drummer, Pete Hammoura, who reinforced the structural position of the music and linked all the imperceptible voids in the sound.
“In Their Darkened Shrines” presents fewer passages than “Amongst the Catacombs of Nefren- Ka” or “Black Seeds of Vengeance”, or the arrangements are introduced in other way, mixed down into the music.
Frenzy guitars and blaster drums allied with chimes in symphonic arrangements; Egyptian chants and choirs entice the senses of the listener.
Inspired by Karl Sanders passion about Egyptian culture and old school techniques, they behold the skull of the finest death metal ever produced.
The album is divided by chapters related to hieroglyphic texts and manuscripts; it’s an underground trip through Egyptian catacombs, exploring the temple’s depths.
Nile has defined an intense union of these elements generating now a unique project in death metal history.
Wonderful and Magickal, Spiritual and Consuming, Strong and Powerful. Death Metal Art.

1 - The Blessed Dead
2 - Execration Text
3 - Sarcophagus
4 - Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
5 - Unas Slayer of the Gods
6 - Churning the Maelstrom
7 - I Whisper in the Ear of the Dead
8 - Wind of Horus - In Their Darkened Shrines
9 - Hall of Saurian Entombement
10 - Invocation to Seditious Heresy
11 - Destruction of the Temple of the Enemies Of Ra
12 - Ruins



Nile - "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" (Relapse Records, CD, 1998)
Nowadays many death metal bands are known for their huge lack of creativity and innovative ideas...yes, I could mention here some of them (Devourment and the Belgians Severe Torture, for example), but the review's purpose is another. However, Nile always kept distanced from them, showing that they still have something new, refreshing to offer to the scene. This album was supposed to be released by Visceral Prods, but due to motives that I'm still unfamiliar with, Relapse Records was the chosen label. This masterpiece contains 11 tracks of REAL astonishing death metal, with touches of gloomy and envolving egyptian atmosphere, several guttural voices and riff-changing every 2 seconds (these 2 guitar players show a really incredible technique!!) Pete Hammoura, the drummer, isn't the fastest out there, but his endurance level is tremendous. About the lyrical concept, it's based in Egyptian mythology, ancient civilizations, etc...wich I find quite interesting. Are you looking for some fresh ideas? Go to your local music store and get this as soon as possible, I'm sure you WON'T regret (or you can also get it through the label). One of the most obscure and brutal bands I've ever heard. My favourite death metal album for 2000.

1 - Smashing The Antiu
2 - Barra Edinazzu
3 - Kudurru Maqlu
4 - Serpent Headed Mask
5 - Ramses Bringer Of War
6 - Stones Of Sorrow
7 - Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche
8 - The Howling Of the Jinn
9 - Pestilence And Iniquity
10 - Opening Of The Mouth
11 - Beneath Eternal Oceans Of Sand