Tsjuder are a Norwegian band that started in 1993 but they've only record their debut album in 2000, named "Kill for Satan". Tsjuder play Blackmetal as it is supposed to be: raw, fast and brutal. The purpose of this interview is, among others, the release of Tsjuder's new album. I talked with Nag bassist/vocalist and one of the founder members of this band.

- Hail Nag! First of all I would like to thank you for being available to answer this interview. Let's start by telling me if you were pleased by the reactions to "Kill for Satan"?
- Yes, we are very pleased with the response. It's been over all expectations! We've also got very good reactions on our live appearances.

- About the new album, I heard that the release was delayed because something happened to you drummer (Anti Christian) and he had to left the band. What happened to him?
- Anti Christian got an injury in both his arms (don't know the name in English), and this made it impossible for him to play with Tsjuder.

- Anti Christian's depart was another change in Tsjuder's line-up, why is it, that there have been so many line-up changes since the beginning of the band?
- The main reason for all the line-up changes in Tsjuder is that we play very extreme music, and many doesn't handle this the way me and Draugluin does. Both of us are totally dedicated to Tsjuder, and we expect this of all our members. This have been a problem. Jontho from Ragnarok is now playing drums in Tsjuder.

- What's the title for you upcoming album, and when is it going to be released?
- The title is "Demonic Possession", and the release date is the 1st of April 2002.

- And this new album, is it a concept album, or just some songs written apart and put together?
- It's a Tsjuder album….

- Can you describe me the sound for your new album? Did you continue with your raw and brutal Blackmetal, or did you move into another direction with this release?
- It will contain 8 songs, and last for about 45 minutes. The music is more back to our second demo tape "Possessed" and Ep "Throne of the Goat". We have much more thrash influences and not so much death metal parts as in "KFS". The music is straightforward raw and brutal Black Metal!

- Talking about moving to another direction, what do you think about the general metal scene nowadays? And specifically about the Blackmetal scene and the so-called new trend Extreme Metal?
- It's totally fucked up. There is still an underground scene, but it's not known for many people.

- Blackmetal, now, it's not anymore only an underground style, do you think this "commercialization" of Blackmetal is good for the style, or it only ruins what have been done during the years?
- It ruins everything. But we don't really care. We play what we want to play, and don't give a fuck about the others!

- I know that you play with Isvind, and that Arak Draconiiz from Isvind plays with Tsjuder, also. Is this "brotherhood" within bands common there in Norway, or this is just an exception?
- I played in Isvind 95-97. First I was only supposed to be a session member for a tour in 95, but this tour was cancelled. I stayed in Isvind until 97. Isvind is very good friends of ours, and you might call it a brotherhood. Arak doesn't play in Tsjuder anymore. He had to leave the band since he moved to Australia in 2000. 

- Are you satisfied with your label Drakkar? Were there any problems for you, being the label French and you Norwegian?
- We are satisfied with Drakkar. They are working very hard for us, and the label manager really understands our opinions and view of things. This is very important to us. There are no problems at all that they are French.

- Drakkar has within their bands a Portuguese Blackmetal band named Decayed, do you know them, or do you know any Portuguese metal band?
- I don't know Decayed personally, but I think it's a good band. I know Corpus Christii also from Portugal.

- Finally I would like to thank you, again, for answering my questions, and I wish Tsjuder and you, personally, the best for the future. To end this interview, tell me what are your plans for the future, and say some words to anyone who is reading this.
- The plans is first of all to finish and release "Demonic Possession", then I hope we're able to do some concerts. Thanx for supporting raw and brutal Black Metal by interviewing Tsjuder.


P.S. - For when a live appearance in Portugal?
- I don't know. We were supposed to play in February, but it was cancelled.