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War Blasphemy Ė "For the Glory of the Unpure" (Hell War Productions, Demo-Tape, 2002)
Here we have another good band emerging from the Portuguese underground. This is a one-man-band from Abraxis, but in this demo he had the collaboration of a session member named Thormentor. Abraxis performed all the strings work and the vocals while Thormentor take care of the drums. ďFor the Glory of the UnpureĒ really surprised meÖ it isnít common to see Trash/Black Metal like this in Portugal, you can see the quality of this recording specially in the ambience, they managed to create a very militarist and destructive ambient. This environment is created with the predominance of faster moments, which are some times helped with the presence of shot mid-paced moments.
The guitars and the bass line are well done, but I get the feeling that something is lacking, because the guitars sometimes get a little bit boring, but thatís nothing that canít be solved. The drums are fast, but the snare could be better heard, the production is quite raw, so it doesnít help this detail anyway, but probably this is the way the band like and I respect that. About the vocals, I think this is the strongest part of this demo singing with rage and hatred, spiting Blasphemy and War chants.
A note for the cover artwork that is very well achieved and it fits very well on the title of the demo, as war and destruction arenít pure feelings on the human being. This is a very promissory Portuguese band and Iíll wait for next works from them.

1 - Darkness and Pride
2 - Lusit‚nia Sons
3 - For the Glory of the Unpure
4 - Holy Raping

Lord Infaustum

Weltmacht - "And To Every Beast Its Prey" (No Colours Records, CD, 2003)
Now that Akhenaten has terminated the existence of Judas Iscariot he can pay more atention to this project that features also members from Krieg.
At the third Weltmacht album there is no significant change within the bands sound, except that, maybe, this release is a little bit slower than the others. If you don't know this band I can label their sound has raw and fast Blackmetal with some atmospheric and slow moments. And, in my opinion, is in these slow parts that relies the true value of this band.
This album is quite related with its predecessors, but one can see a clear natural evolution, that is especially understood within the composition methods, for now the songs are less monotonous.
The keyboards, the instrument that I usually think is overused by most bands has a prepoderant role in this release , but it is applied in the correct way, I mean, the keyboards presence is noticed, but they transmit the atmosphere, they do not interfere with the riffs and with the rythmic part played by the guitar and the bass respectively.
I think this is a great step forward for Weltmacht, and this step forward results in a very coherent album.

1 - Requiem Of The Screaming Raven
2 - Where Fog Milled In Miles Of Winter
3 - Burning Red In The Clouds
4 - Among The Silence Burning Chaos
5 - Chained Beasts Are Strewn
6 - Blessed Eternal Pillars Of Fire