Lux Ferre - "Unholy Ascendance of Satan" (War Productions, Demo-tape, 2003)
"Unholy Ascendance of Satan" is the follower for last year's "Wicked Riffs of War". They follow the same approach for their second demo, but the evolution is quite evident. Now the songs are much more consistent and varied, and the great flaw of their previous demo was very well corrected, for now the drums are very well inserted and fit really well the music.
About the other instruments, the guitars play very catchy riffs and the bass has a very discrete presence, but who cares? The vocalization is very good and most of the times follows the guitar lines which in my opinion only favours their sound.
The lyrics are supplied with the demo, which is not very common nowadays, so I have to congratulate the band for this. The lyrical aspect is not the best I've read in my life, but it is effective, featuring the usual Blackmetal themes.
Besides two original songs this demo features three covers as a tribute part to the bands that influenced them the most. This covers are very well achieved, especially Venom's "Blackmetal".
As for a conclusion, I said in the review to "Wicked Riffs of War" that we'd better watch out for these guys, and if they continue evolving at this speed they will soon become the talk of the town in Portugal.


Side A Side B
1 - ...Frrom the Ancient Shores of Lucefecit 3 - Blackmetal (Venom)
2 - Baal Sabbath (Hircus Noctuenus - Five Pointed Soul) 4 - Zum Kotzen (Impaled Nazarene)
  5 - Sleep of Death (Samael)


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