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on this new Dutch Hemp Page. You can check some nice Pics of the most beautiful and powerfull Plants on earth, called Hemp. We also have some nice animated Pics of hemp.

Chat with stoned people and may be you meet us.(PexZ,Smarty,RoyQ)Tell your wicked stories at the Chatbox.Freaks are welcome!!!! The largest Stoned Chatbox.

If you can't make your own Joint, we'll teach you a lesson. After this course you can make your own, if you're smart enough. And if you can't make on your own joint after the course, you are the biggest wanker of your country.

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  If you click on the button ''Coffee Shops'' you can see the heaviest pot provider of Holland.

18+ Moviez are not allowed for little children, because the hemp stuff is shocking enough for them. Download here your own porn videos.

The button Mp3'z will link you to the homepage of Grandfather Terror. This guy is one of the last 'Gabbers' of the Netherlands. Download here the most shocking and exclusive Hardcore House Music in Mp3 format.

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(Our English is not best, because we're Dutch STONED people.)

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