Hello, and Welcome to the SouthBeach Community Leader Application Page!

        Thank you for your interest in joining one of the most successful Internet Volunteer programs around.
        Are you ready to jump in and join a TERRIFIC group of people who will guide you and lead you in your quest to help those who need your skills?
        Well, read on then!

        Being a Community Leader entails hard work, maturity, dedication, responsibility and the ability to work as a Team Member. As a Community Leader you need to be able to dedicate several hours a week to SouthBeach, report in weekly, and actively participate in neighborhood functions and activities.
        You with me so far?? Good!!

        Community Leaders are responsible for:
        *monitoring the blocks assigned to them,
        * to find sites to recommend for SouthBeach Neighborhood Awards,
        * to find sites whose owners need some help,
        * to find sites whose owners may need some encouragement to update or continue maintaining their site
        * to report to SouthBeach representatives the Yahoo!Geocities sites that do not comply with the Geocities Content Guidelines

        Also responsible for:
        * answering homesteaders questions and helping to solve their problems
        * try to attend scheduled meetings (usually monthly)
        * developing informational content for SouthBeach projects
        * making monthly reports on your activities here.

        In order to perform these duties, a Community Leader must be familiar with Geocities programs, utilities, and guidelines.
        The first step in becoming a Community Leader is to submit the application. Your application will then be submitted to a committee, who will review your application and evaluate your homepage. Since Community Leaders are on the front line for our homesteaders, their homepage should be complete and well developed. It should not contain broken links, broken images, or content violations and should contain at least 3 well coded html pages.
        Not too bad so far, is it?

        Once the committee has approved your application, your request will be announced to all SouthBeach CL's and will be voted on. Upon acceptance, you will become a SBCL in training.
        You will be required to complete a training program SouthBeach has prepared, to equip you with the tools necessary in helping and answering the questions of our neighbors. This part of the training is not difficult if you already have some knowledge of how HTML and building a homepage works.

        The first section of the application contains general questions about you, followed by a small test about Yahoo!Geocities. Please answer all questions in full and remember that good communication includes proper spelling and grammar. Answer these questions honestly, we would like to know a bit more about you and your skills.

        NOTE: before you become a SouthBeach Community Leader, your website will be inspected. Your website must be complete. It must not have links to nonexistent pages. It MUST conform to the Geocities Content Guidelines. If your application is rejected for violations of the Content Guidelines, you may not apply again for two months.

        If you have difficulties, or have additional questions regarding the application process,
        please email our Liaison Kim for assistance.

        So, if you're ready to start on a fun and fullfilling journey, click below!

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