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I N    F O O T B A L L    H I S T O R Y

January 09, 
  1967 - The NFL's New Orleans franchise took the name the Saints.

January 14, 1951 - The Pro Bowl game, dormant since 1942, was revived under a new format matching the all-stars of each conference.
January 15, 1967 - The first Super Bowl was played as the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League defeated the Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football League, 35-10.
January 16, 1970 - National Football League owners voted to split the football league into three divisions and add two new teams: the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
January 24, 1947 - The NFL revised its rules, adding a fifth official (back judge) and allowing sudden death in playoffs.
January 26, 1986 - Between the Super Bowl XX pregame show and the game, ABC inserted 60 seconds of blank air time as an "intermission" for the television audience.
January 28, 1904 - The first college sports letters were given out. Seniors who played on the University of Chicago's football team were awarded blankets with the letter "C" on them. 1922 - The American Pro Football Association was renamed the National Football League.
February 03, 1876 - Albert Spalding and his brother took $800 and started a sporting goods company. They manufactured the first official baseball, tennis ball, basketball, golf ball, and football.
February 08, 1936 - The Philadelphia Eagles made University of Chicago halfback and Heisman Trophy winner Jay Berwanger the first player ever selected in the NFL draft. 1963 - The Dallas Texans transferred to Kansas City and became the Chiefs. 1996 - The NFL and the city of Cleveland agreed on terms for the relocation of the Cleveland Browns. Art Modell could take his NFL franchise to Baltimore, but he had to leave the Browns' name behind.
February 13, 1937 - The NFL's Boston Redskins moved to Washington.
March 5, 1984 - Brigham Young quarterback Steve Young signs a long-term $43 million contract with the Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League.
September 3, 1895 - The first professional football game, according to some sources, was played between Latrobe and Jeanette, Pa., The Latrobe YMCA defeated the Jeannette Athletic Club 12-0.
1970 - Football Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi died at age 57. He led the Green Bay Packers to five NFL championships and two 2 Super Bowl victories.
September 28, 1892 - The first night football game was played in Mansfield, PA.
October 18, 1873 - The first football rules were formulated at a meeting in New York attended by delegates from Columbia, Princeton, Rutgers and Yale.
October 25, 1998 - Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos kicks a 63-yard field goal at Mile High Stadium, tying Tom Dempsey's 28-year-old NFL record, in the game againts the Jacksonville Jaguars. Elam was to try a 58-yarder, but a 5-yard delay-of-game penalty made it a 63. The Broncos went on to win 37-24. Elam matched the record Dempsey set for the New Orleans Saints against Detroit on Nov. 8, 1970. Also in the game runningback Terrell Davis joining O.J. Simpson and Jim Brown as the only rushers to gain 1000 yards in seven games in NFL history. 1998 - Jerry Rice breaks consecutive-game reception record with his 184 straight game with a 12-yard reception on San Francisco's first offensive play in a 28-10 victory over the St. Louis Rams. The catch broke the mark for consecutive games set by Art Monk from 1980-95. The last time Rice was shut out was Dec. 1, 1985, near the end of his rookie season, in a 35-8 victory over Washington. Rice is also the NFL's career leader in touchdowns (170), touchdown receptions (159), total receptions (1,092) and yards receiving (17,018).
November 14, 1993 - Don Shula became the winningest coach in NFL history.
November 15, 1998 - Brett Favre throws 200th TD, reaches 25,000 career yards (the second fastest, Dan Marino of Miami, the first) in the Green Bay Packers' 37-3 road win over the New York Giants. This came in the 107th game of Favre's career.
November 17, 1968 - The movie "Heidi" became a footnote in sports history when NBC cut away from the last 1:05 of the New York Jets-Oakland Raiders game in order to permit the children's special to begin on time. Viewers missed the rally as the Raiders came from a 32-29 deficit and scored two touchdowns in the last 42 seconds to win, 43-32.
November 21, 1902 - Baseball's Philadelphia Athletics and the Philadelphia Phillies formed professional football teams, joining the Pittsburgh Stars in the first attempt at a pro football league, named the National Football League.
November 25, 1920 - Radio station WTAW of College Station, Texas, broadcasted the first play-by-play description of a football game, between the University of Texas and Texas A&M. The Uniersity of Texas won, 7-3.
November 26, 1998 - Barry Sanders is the second player in NFL history to rush for more than 15,000 career yards. The first is Walter Payton.
November 29, 1890 - The first Army-Navy football game was played at West Point, N.Y. The Navy Middies won, 24-0. 1934 - The Detroit Lions played their first traditional Thanksgiving Day home game and lost to the Chicago Bears, 19-16.
November 29, 1998 - Dan Marino gets 400th career TD pass, becoming the 1st to do so.
December 07, 1963 - Instant replay was used for the first time during the Army-Navy game, broadcast on CBS-TV.
December 08, 1940 - George Halas' Chicago Bears destroyed the Washington Redskins 73-0 in the most lopsided football victory in history. 1996 - The Carolina Panthers became the first second-year expansion team to make the playoffs by beating San Francisco, 30-24.
December 09, 1934 - In pro football's championship game, on an extremely cold and icy day, the New York Giants trailed the Chicago Bears, 13-3, in the third quarter before changing to basketball shoes for better footing. The Giants won, 30-13, in what has come to be known as the Sneakers Game.
December 17, 1933 - The NFL held its first playoff game in Wrigley Field with the Chicago Bears defeating the New York Giants, 23-21.
December 21, 1941 - Ray McLean of the Chicago Bears made the last NFL drop kick for an extra point. 1959 - Tom Landry accepted a coaching job with the Dallas Cowboys, which would lead to 22 consecutive winning seasons in 29 years. 1969 - Vince Lombardi coached his last football game as his team, the Washington Redskins, lost to the Dallas Cowboys, 20-10.
December 22, 1996 - Kordell Stewart of the Pittsburgh Steelers ran 80 yards for a touchdown in the first half of an 18-14 loss to Carolina, the longest scoring run by a quarterback in NFL history.
December 27, 1998 - John Elway threw four touchdown passes to become the third passer in league history with 300 for his career to help lead the Denver Broncos to a 28-21 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Elway threw one of his TDs to Terrell Davis, who became the fourth player in league history to rush for 2,000 yards (2,008) in a season. Davis won his first rushing title by gaining 178 yards against the Seahawks.


January 03, 1963 - Jim Everett

January 04, 1930 - Don Shula

January 06, 1961 - Howie Long

January 19,  1944 - Dan Reeves

January 29, 1964 - Andre Reed

February 03, 1940 - Fran Tarkenton

February 14,
  1960 - Jim Kelly 

  1972 - Drew Bledsoe 

September 12, 1958 - Terry Bradshaw

September 24, 1946 - "Mean" Joe Greene

October 13, 
  1942 - Jerry Jones

  1962 - Jerry Rice

October 18, 1939 - Mike Ditka

November 11, 1961 - Steve Young

November 18, 1956 - Warren Moon

November 19, 1949 - Ahmad Rashad

November 21, 1966 - Troy Aikman

November 24, 1940 - Paul Tagliabue,  NFL commissioner

November 30, 1962 - Bo Jackson

December 09, 1942 - Dick Butkus

S U P E R    B O W L    C H A M P I O N S

1967-Green Bay (NFL) 35,          Kansas City (AFL) 10
1968-Green Bay (NFL) 33,          Oakland (AFL) 14
1969-N.Y. Jets (AFL) 16,          Baltimore (NFL) 7
1970-Kansas City (AFL) 23,        Minnesota (NFL) 7
1971-Baltimore (AFC) 16,          Dallas (NFC) 13
1972-Dallas (NFC) 24,             Miami (AFC) 3
1973-Miami (AFC) 14,              Washington (NFC) 7
1974-Miami (AFC) 24,              Minnesota (NFC) 7
1975-Pittsburgh (AFC) 16,         Minnesota (NFC) 6
1976-Pittsburgh (AFC) 21,         Dallas (NFC) 17
1977-Oakland (AFC) 32,            Minnesota (NFC) 14
1978-Dallas (NFC) 27,             Denver (AFC) 10
1979-Pittsburgh (AFC) 35,         Dallas (NFC) 31
1980-Pittsburgh (AFC) 31,         Los Angeles (NFC) 19
1981-Oakland (AFC) 27,            Philadelphia (NFC) 10
1982-San Francisco (NFC) 26,      Cincinnati (AFC) 21
1983-Washington (NFC) 27,         Miami (AFC) 17
1984-L.A. Raiders (AFC) 38,       Washington (NFC) 9
1985-San Francisco (NFC) 38,      Miami (AFC) 16
1986-Chicago (NFC) 46,            New England (AFC) 10
1987-N.Y. Giants (NFC) 39,        Denver (AFC) 20
1988-Washington (NFC) 42,         Denver (AFC) 10
1989-San Francisco (NFC) 20,      Cincinnati (AFC) 16
1990-San Francisco (NFC) 55,      Denver (AFC) 10
1991-N.Y. Giants (NFC) 20,        Buffalo (AFC) 19
1992-Washington (NFC) 37,         Buffalo (AFC) 24
1993-Dallas (NFC) 52,             Buffalo (AFC) 17
1994-Dallas (NFC) 30,             Buffalo (AFC) 13
1995-San Francisco (NFC) 49,      San Diego (AFC) 26
1996-Dallas (NFC) 27,             Pittsburgh (AFC) 17
1997-Green Bay (NFC) 35,          New England (AFC) 21
1998-Denver (AFC) 31,             Green Bay (NFC) 24

S U P E R    B O W L    M V Ps

1967-Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay
1968-Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay
1969-Joe Namath, QB, N.Y. Jets
1970-Len Dawson, QB, Kansas City
1971-Chuck Howley, LB, Dallas
1972-Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas
1973-Jake Scott, S, Miami
1974-Larry Csonka, RB, Miami
1975-Franco Harris, RB, Pittsburgh
1976-Lynn Swann, WR, Pittsburgh
1977-Fred Biletnikoff, WR, Oakland
1978-Randy White, DT and Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas
1979-Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh
1980-Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh
1981-Jim Plunkett, QB, Oakland
1982-Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco
1983-John Riggins, RB, Washington
1984-Marcus Allen, RB, L.A. Raiders
1985-Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco
1986-Richard Dent, DE, Chicago
1987-Phil Simms, QB, N.Y. Giants
1988-Doug Williams, QB, Washington
1989-Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco
1990-Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco
1991-Ottis Anderson, RB, N.Y. Giants
1992-Mark Rypien, QB, Washington
1993-Troy Aikman, QB, Dallas
1994-Emmitt Smith, RB, Dallas
1995-Steve Young, QB, San Francisco
1996-Larry Brown, CB, Dallas
1997-Desmond Howard, KR, Green Bay
1998-Terrell Davis, RB, Denver

S U P E R    B O W L    R E C O R D S


SCORING ------- Most Points, Lifetime - 42, Jerry Rice, San Francisco. Most Points, Game - 18, Roger Craig, San Francisco vs. Miami, 1985; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990 and vs. San Diego, 1995; Ricky Watters, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995; Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, 1998. Most Touchdowns, Lifetime - 7, Jerry Rice, San Francisco. Most Touchdowns, Game - 3, Roger Craig, San Francisco vs. Miami, 1985; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver 1990 and vs. San Diego, 1995; Ricky Watters, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995; Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, 1998. Most Field Goals, Lifetime - 5, Ray Wersching, San Francisco. Most Field Goals, Game - 4, Don Chandler, Green Bay vs. Oakland, 1968; Ray Wersching, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1982. Longest Field Goal - 54, Steve Christie, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 1994. RUSHING ------- Most Attempts, Lifetime - 101, Franco Harris, Pittsburgh. Most Attempts, Game - 38, John Riggins, Washington vs. Miami, 1983. Most Yards Gained, Lifetime - 354, Franco Harris, Pittsburgh. Most Yards Gained, Game - 204, Tim Smith, Washington vs. Denver, 1988. Longest Gain - 74, Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders vs. Washington, 1984. Most Touchdowns, Lifetime - 5, Emmitt Smith, Dallas. Most Touchdowns, Game - 3, Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, 1998. PASSING ------- Most Attempts, Lifetime - 145, Jim Kelly, Buffalo. Most Attempts, Game - 58, Jim Kelly, Buffalo vs. Washington, 1992. Most Completions, Lifetime - 83, Joe Montana, San Francisco. Most Completions, Game - 31, Jim Kelly, Buffalo vs. Dallas, 1993. Highest Completion Percentage, Lifetime - 70.0, Troy Aikman, Dallas. Highest Completion Percentage, Game - 88.0, Phil Simms, New York Giants vs. Denver, 1987. Most Yards Gained, Lifetime - 1,142, Joe Montana, San Francisco. Most Yards Gained, Game - 357, Joe Montana, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1989. Most Touchdowns, Lifetime - 11, Joe Montana, San Francisco. Most Touchdowns, Game - 6, Steve Young, San Francisco vs. San Diego, 1995. Most Had Intercepted, Lifetime - 7, Craig Morton, Dallas-Denver; Jim Kelly, Buffalo; John Elway, Denver. Most Had Intercepted, Game - 4, Craig Morton, Denver vs. Dallas, 1978; Jim Kelly, Buffalo vs. Washington, 1992; Drew Bledsoe, New England vs. Green Bay, 1997. Longest Completion - 81, Brett Favre (to Antonio Freeman), Green Bay vs. New England, 1997. RECEIVING --------- Most Receptions, Lifetime - 28, Jerry Rice, San Francisco. Most Receptions, Game - 11, Dan Ross, Cincinnati vs. San Francisco, 1982; Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1989. Most Yards, Lifetime - 512, Jerry Rice, San Francisco. Most Yards, Game - 215, Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1989. Most Touchdowns, Lifetime - 7, Jerry Rice, San Francisco. Most Touchdowns, Game - 3, Jerry Rice, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990. Longest Reception - 81, Antonio Freeman (from Brett Favre), Green Bay vs. New England, 1997. TEAM RECORDS
SCORING ------- Most Points, Game - 55, San Francisco vs. Denver, 1990. Fewest Points, Game - 3, Miami vs. Dallas, 1972. Most Points, Both Teams, Game - 75, San Francisco (49), San Diego (26), 1995. Fewest Points, Both Teams, Game - 21, Miami (14), Washington (7), 1973. Largest Margin of Victory - 45 - San Francisco vs. Denver (55-10), 1990. YARDS GAINED ------------ Most Net Yards Gained, Game - 602, Washington vs. Denver, 1988. Fewest Net Yards Gained, Game - 119, Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh, 1975. Most Rushing Yards, Game - 280, Washington vs. Denver, 1988. Fewest Rushing Yards, Game - 7, New England vs. Chicago, 1986. Most Passing Yards, Game - 341, San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 1989. Fewest Passing Yards, Game - 35, Denver vs. Dallas, 1978.


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