D.K. Villain Profile

REAL NAME: David Kalen

POWERS: David Kalen is able to transform himself into his goopy alter-ego D.K., at will. While manifesting himself as D.K., he can accelerate the decomposition and decay of anything with a single touch. Luckily for Spider-Man, Kalen has the ability to turn this power off. D.K. also posseses super human strength and is monstrous in size.

ORIGIN & HISTORY: David Kalen and his brother Hank were environmental consultants hired by Sanders Chemical Corp. to "inspect the facilities and advise Sanders on how to bring his operation up to new government standards." Although the factory checked out clean, it was apparent to the Kalens that Sanders was hiding something.That something became clear when told Sanders that they had to "audit his chemical waste disposal procedures." It was obvious from the look on Sanders face that he had expected the survey to remain on-grounds. 

Realizing that the brothers were on to him, Sanders led them to a secret dumping site filled with hundreds of chemical waste barrels. Unbeknownst to the Kalens, Sanders had sabotaged the site and mined it with explosives. There was an explosion, killing Hank and transforming David into D.K.

Obsessed with the wrongful death of his brother, David went on a rampage, searching for Sanders. Spider-Man, swinging through town, came upon the scene of D.K. smashing through an office building belonging to Sanders. After a brief fight, D.K. dissolved the walls and made his escape while Spider-Man held up the ceiling long enough for the people inside to get out. Spider-Man then left for Sander's Factory. As suspected, D.K. went straight for Sanders. Spider-Man intervened to save Sanders' life. After briefly disabling Spider-Man, D.K. revealed his identity to Sanders and confronted him with evidence of his wrong-doings. Although Spider-Man tried to talk D.K. out of doing anything that he would regret, David felt that he had to kill Sanders in order to serve justice. Spider-Man told D.K. "If you want Sanders you'll have to go through me." David realizing that he was not a killer, allowed the police to arrest Sanders and admitted himself into the Ravencroft Institute.

While in Ravencroft, he became very depressed and suicidal and in a blind rage, he killed two guards. Horrified at what he'd done, he turned his powers inward and dissolved himself. The Vulture was on the scene and upon falling into the puddle that was D.K., he rapidly re-aged into his elderly form.

Spectacular Spider-Man #230 (Origin)
Sensational Spider-Man #16-18

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