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Right now I'm going to add another part on the main page, down at the bottom entitled "Coming Soon". It will just serve as something to tell you what I'm currently working on, as well as to keep me on track with my updates. That's all for now. I'm so bored.

UPDATE I changed my mind. I will be expanding this site... it WILL be a photo-site, however it will include more than photos... and a more user-friendly layout than just putting all the photos on the main page. So I'm dividing the photos up... There are now 2 pages of photos of me... with more on the way. I think I might spend some more time on it today... If you have any suggestions or comments, contact me... Yahoo - Steve_Kerr7, AIM - Buscemi25, MSN - airangel4@hotmail. don't e-mail me at the MSN address... I dont check it. Also, you can leave comments at my journal... at least until I get a guestbook here.


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July 18 2005
Long time since the last update... I just got back from Quebec, and I am tired as anything. I'll save my complaining for a journal entry. Anyways, I've added my Photo Journals... only two entries so far. I've been wanting to do another one lately, but I've lost my digital camera. Next I'll add some more writings, and possibly some more photos. I'd love to add more sunset photos... but I dont know if I have any more.

I'd also love to add a few more elements to the photo section, such as concerts, travels, etc. But I think I'm a little too tired for that.


(this isnt coming soon as of july update... I just wanted to leave this up because I forgot what else I was doing with it. heh. I'll add it when I feel like it. I haven't touched this stuff in almost a year. wow)

Well, right now I'm finishing up my sunset pages... I have one and a half more to do. After that, I'm going to be working on getting more photos of me up, as well as a breakdancing section.

I am also hoping to put short explanations of all the photos underneath them to help explain some more about them... such as where they were taken, when, etc.

I will also be adding more essays and philosophy notes into my Writings section.... None of my school stuff though, just my personal Philosophy journal in which I wrote some points in the philosophy books I read that really meant a lot to me.

That will be all for tonight... assuming I get that all done tonight.


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