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Series Spotlights


Episode 1

"I'm Kyoko Otonashi."

Episode 6

"Who's grave is this?"

Episode 8

"I will prove to you
that I am a man!"

Episode 14

Kyoko & Godai's
Ma Mezon date

Episode 15

Meet Princess Kyoko!

Episode 27


Lasted Updated: 08/22/02 
NOTE: The following guide contains 1-4 sentences brief teaser/summary for each episode of the anime series. ULTRA SPOILER WARNING!!! Enjoy! 
What anime episode corresponds to what volume of the manga? Check it out here.
Season One:

  • 1: Sorry to keep you waiting, I am Otonashi Kyoko.
  •     Kyoko moves into Ikkoku-kan as the new manager and meets Godai and the Looney Gang.  For Godai, it is  love at first site and this is where our story begins.
  • 2: Love spark flies around. Who does Kyoko love?
  •     Godai finds out that Kyoko loves Souichiro.  After bribing Kentaro, he finds out that Souichiro is no other than her shaggy pet dog.
  • 3: Hearts thumping! Alone in the dark with Kyoko!
  •      During a blackout, Godai and Kyoko go to the attic and find an archive of lost loves of past tentants of Ikkoku-kan that had taken place during the Second World War.
  • 4: Kyoko's  worried?! Godai in the middle of juken!
  •     As Godai is about to retake the college entrance exam, Kyoko becomes worried about this welfare and offers him some words of encouragement.
  • 5: Kyoko's worried! Godai runs away?
  •     Kyoko meets Godai's grandma who comes to see whether Godai passes his college entrance exam or not. However as the test results are being posted Godai is no where to be found.  Godai later finds out that he has been accepted into a third-rated private college.
  • 6: Spring is shocking! Kyoko's secret revealed.
  •     The tenants  find out that the landlord of Ikkoku-kan is really Kyoko's father (in law), however as Godai, Kyoko, and the landlord visit a grave site, Kyoko's secret  is revealed.  Souichiro is really Kyoko's late husband who had died 1/2 year after their marriage of unknown causes and Kyoko is now a widow who still can't let go.
  • 7: Tormented Godai! The man Kyoko who loves.
  •     Godai, not knowing what kind of man Souichiro had been, begins to day-dream and has nightmares about Souichiro.
  • 8: Godai must not shout! The time to do it is now!
  •     Drunk and crazy Godai proclaims his love for Kyoko.  Thinking that he nude danced in front of Kyoko instead, he retracts his proclaimation the next day. Broken-hearted Kyoko, who had thought Godai's feelings was genuine, vows to never look at another man again.
  • 9: The mysterious tennis coach is the rival of love!
  •      Depressed Kyoko seeks out a tennis club for relaxation and comfort and meets Mitaka, the shiny-teethed woman-killing tennis couch.
  • 10: Panic at the beach. The rival doesn't like dogs.
  •       On a warm summer day, the whole gang go to the beach where  Godai discovers that due to a childhood "accident," Mitaka has an extreme fear of dogs.
  • 11: Kentaro's first love. In love, age difference is nothing!
  •        Ikkuko, Kyoko's niece, pays a visit to Ikkoku-kan.  Godai and Kyoko discovers that Kentaro has a crush on her.  Kentaro later finds out that Ikkuko already liked someone else.
  • 12: Love scramble! I thought you said you loved me...
  •       As Godai goes out on a "date" with Kozue, a woman who works at the same part-time job as he does, he meets Kyoko and Mitaka who are also on a date.  Kyoko, being the "possessive" woman that she is, becomes enraged and attempts to get back at Godai by prolonging her date with Mitaka. 
  • 13: Popular Godai, watch out for pink calls!
  •        After joining the campus puppet club, Godai begins to get prank calls from female club members.  Because the only phone in Ikkoku-kan is in Kyoko's room, she becomes extremely jealous and annoyed. Kyoko decides to install a "pink" public phone outside her room from which Godai eventually explains to Kyoko where the annoying calls are coming from.
  • 14: Alright Godai! The first date with Kyoko!
  •        After getting his paycheck from tutoring, Godai asks Kyoko out to a semi-formal resturant called Me Mezon.  However, Kyoko mistakes the place as Ma Mezon, a ramen shop, and waits for Godai there.  Not knowing where each other is, Godai and Kyoko frantically runs all over town in the rain searching for each other.
  • 15: Dangerous puppet play for two! Can't stand it anymore!
  •        Godai invites Kyoko to his college fair and to see his puppet show.  The club members notice that the princess puppet Godai had made looks a lot like Kyoko and offers Kyoko the chance to play princess and Godai prince respectfully in puppet show.
  • 16: Get-Well Visit Panic! Injured but Beloved.
  •        Kyoko injures her ankle playing tennis and can not cook for herself.  Godai, Mitaka, and the gang decide to give her a feast fit for a "queen."
  • 17: Kyoko's first-love story. The rainy day is always...
  •        During a rainy day, Kyoko meets Kozue while shopping and invites her to Ikkoku-kan for tea.  Kyoko shares with Kozue the story about her first-love Souichiro and finds out that Kozue likes Godai because he resembles someone she had a crush on in high school. 
  • 18: Kyoko's gift. Oh, is this for me!?
  •       Godai feels that something is wrong when Kyoko has been isolating herself in her room for a few days before Christmas.  He later finds out that Kyoko has been pullling all-nighters sewing out his Christmas present.
  • 19: Godai and Kyoko. Their night is full of danger!
  •        As New Year approaches, all the tenants of Ikkoku-kan except Godai and Kyoko departs leaving them all by themselves.  As the frightened Kyoko prays that nothing bad will happen to her, she hears Godai shouting out that he wants to do it! 
  • 20: Frustrated Kyoko!? Mystery of the unreturning Godai.
  •       Godai goes home after New Years and has an "accident" from which he can not bare to return to Ikkoku-kan.  As Godai stalls longer to return, Kyoko begins to think that something really serious has happened to Godai.
  • 21: Godai in panic! Ikkoku-kan's kitten tale.
  •        Godai's friend, Sakamoto, leaves a kitten named "Kyoko" in Godai's care. Knowing that pets are prohibited in Ikkoku-kan, Godai decides to hide "little Kyoko" from view.  However when "little Kyoko" escapes, Ikkoku-kan begins to suffer from a serious identity crisis (between "little Kyoko" and Kyoko).
  • 22: Shocked Godai! Kyoko's resignation?!
  •       Kyoko's parents who want her to quit her job and remarry suddenly (without her knowlege) announces Kyoko's resignation to the tenants of Ikkoku-kan. 
  • 23: Kyoko in jeopardy! Mother's dangerous plot.
  •       Frustrated by her failure to convince Kyoko, Kyoko's mother decides to gather the support from among Ikkoku-kan's tenants to force her to resign.
  • 24: Godai in a flurry. First kiss with Kozue?!
  •        Kozue "invites" Godai to her house to meet her parents. After dinner, Godai becomes tempted to kiss Kozue while being alone with her in her room.  Just as he is about to kiss her, Kozue's father comes in with a shotgun...
  • 25: Clash! Godai vs. Mitaka proposal battle.
  •       After Mitaka proposes to Kyoko while playing tennis, Kyoko decides that she will not be able to "pair" with Mitaka.  Because of his failed attempt, Mitaka tells Kyoko that he will wait 3-4 years for her "real" answer.  Godai, on the other hand, requests that Kyoko to remain the manager of Ikkoku-kan for at least 3-5 more years. 
  • 26: Stunned Godai. Kyoko's jealousy explodes.
  •       Angered by the fact that Godai is still dating Kozue, Kyoko arranges to go out on a date with Mitaka.  However as she walks to meet Mitaka, she sees Mitaka hugging another woman (in a dog shop). Kyoko proceeds to give Godai a piece of her mind and throwing a "strike" right at his head.
  • Season Two

  • 27: Souichiro disappears. Memory of the scent of yakitori.
  •        Kentaro loses Souichiro (the dog) to the scent of yakitori.  As days go by without Souichiro, Kyoko begins to reminisce memories she has had with the dog and the real Souichrio.  After days of searching, Godai finds and returns Souichiro to Kyoko.  To the disamay of Kyoko, that moment resembles exactly the scene from which she had first seen her late husband walking home with their new pet.  Soui... Godai-san?
  • 28: Kyoko surprised. I'm Kentaro's father.
  •       Kyoko and the tenants meet Kentaro's father for the first time.  Kentaro wants his parents to particpate in the upcoming school sporting event, but because they are either always busy or drunk, he requests Godai and Kyoko to take their place.  However just as the event is about to begin, Godai sprains his ankle.
  • 29: Slapstick autumn fest. Inside a well with Kyoko!
  •       During the autumn festival, the gang attempts to rescue Kyoko from a well.  To their disamay, saving Kyoko becomes the least of their problems.
  • 30: Kyoko's getting married? Tearful Godai moves away!
  •        Godai overhears Kyoko planning a wedding with Mitaka and finally decides to give up and move away.  Bewildered Kyoko realizes that Godai had misunderstood her and vows to set things straight.
  • 31: Ikkoku-kan scandal. Godai's living with another woman?
  •       When Kyoko visits Godai to resolve the misunderstanding, she finds out that Godai is living with a married woman.  Angered by that fact, as Godai attempts to move back, Kyoko scandalls to kick Godai out permanently.
  • 32: The Mysterious Egg. Yotsuya's dangerous gift.
  •       One night, Yotsuya gives Godai a "mysterious" egg and tells him to look after it.  As the gang tries to figure out what evil might actually be hidden in it, the egg mysteriously disappears in front of them.
  • 33: Shocking diary! Souichiro had a lover!?
  •       Kyoko receives her late husband's diary from Godai and discovers that a postcard from a "mysterious" woman is missing.  As she attempts to find out where that postcard is, she begins to suspect that Souichiro might have had an affair with another woman before he met her. 
  • 34: Be pushy for love! Grandma Yukari with gold teeth.
  •        Mitaka invites Kyoko, Godai and his grandma to show off his apartment.  Godai begins to face a reality check between the difference of the rich and poor and is later encouraged by his grandma to give up on Kyoko. 
  • 35: Operation chase! After Kyoko and Godai's date!
  •        Grandma sets up Kyoko and Godai to go on a date, however as their date progresses Godai and Kyoko begin to realize that they are being followed. 
  • 36: Sudden storm of kiss! Story of broken-hearted Akemi.
  •        Akemi comes home drunk and broken-hearted for she has just been dumped.  As the Ikkoku-kan tries to comfort her, she begins to realize just how volatile love really is.
  • 37: Dangerous costume party! Kyoko's radical change.
  •        After purchasing a bodyview mirror, Kyoko decides to try on her nostalgic high school uniform only to have the rest of the tenants discover her in it. As the tenants put on their unique own uniforms and is joined by Mitaka sensei, Ikkoku-kan soon becomes the setting of a high school love drama.
  • 38: Godai's lost love? Kozue approaching Mitaka?
  •        After having a bad date with Godai, Kozue feels that there is something missing in their relationship.  When Mitaka offers to help them out to "improve" their relations, Kozue begin to realize that Mitaka is not such a bad match for her at all. 
  • 39: Guts for love! Godai's operation part-time.
  •        Being short on cash, Godai sets out to work all-nighters to buy Kyoko (and Kozue) X-Mas gifts.  At the same time, Godai is asked by Kyoko to identify a rock which Kyoko had received as the only gift from Souichiro long ago. 
  • 40: Tender warm heart. X-mas is a time for love.
  •       Godai finds out that Sakamoto had lost Kyoko's precious rock and contends whether to go after it (for the sake of reminding Kyoko of Souichiro) or not. 
  • 41: Heart-thumping! Kyoko out of the bath? Open bath peeping wars!
  •        The entire gang go to a hot springs resort where only a stone wall separates males and females in the open bath.
  • 42: Godai's broken bone! Chance for love in the hospital.
  •       When Godai breaks his leg while saving Kyoko, Kyoko begins to feel "responsible" for Godai and offers to take care of him in the hospital.
  • 43: Sparks of love! Hospital feud - Godai vs Mitaka.
  •       After hearing about Godai's accident, Mitaka has a ski "accident" himself and by chance, ends up staying in the same room of the same hospital -- a perfect setting to fight for Kyoko's affection. 
  • 44: Kentaro in shock. Who really is Yotsuya?
  •       After Kentaro finds an old photo album in the attic with pictures of the unaging Yotsuya from 50-100 years ago, the gang attempts to determine just who or what Yotsuya really is.
  • 45: Big announcement!!! Kyoko admits her love to Godai?!
  •        After promising and failing to wake up Godai for his final exam, tearful Kyoko, fearing that Godai might need to repeat another year because of her, whispers "words of affection" to Godai. 
  • 46: Fight for Kyoko! Skating rink is love's battleground.
  •        When the gang go ice-skating together, they discovers that both Mitaka and Godai don't know how to skate.  When Kyoko offers to give them lessons, Godai and Mitaka tries to find the best way to take advantage of this opportunity and accidently fall on their teacher.
  • 47: Kyoko in a mess. Drunk and crazy.
  •        When Godai offers to treat Kyoko he doesn't realize that the rest of the gang are also coming for a free meal. As the gang attempts to get Kyoko drunk, Kyoko struggles to split the bill and keep Godai from being fired. 
  • 48: Godai's revelation. I wish you understand how I feel.
  •        When Godai offers to deliver Kyoko's favorite pillow to Kyoko at home, he is asked by her parents to discuss to them about his life and future plans.
  • 49: Mitaka's training! No love is achieved if I'm scared of dogs!
  •        The Looney Gang decides to help train Mitaka from his fear of dogs.
  • 50: Kyoko in love at first sight?! A strange fellow moves into Ikkoku-kan.
  •       Kyoko falls for a strange middle-aged guy who moves into Ikkoku-kan.  Just as Godai and Mitaka are worrying about a potential new rivial, rumors of Ikkoku-kan going to be demonished begins to surface.
  • 51: Even Yotsuya is shocked. The day Ikkoku-kan disappears.
  •       As the gang tries to figure out the fate of Ikkoku-kan, rumors of their new tenant being somewhat connected with Ikkoku-kan's fate begins to surface.
  • 52: Forgive me, Souichiro! Kyoko's announcement to remarry!!
  •        After her annual visit to Souichiro's grave, Kyoko returns to his grave and announces that she has plans to remarry.

  • Season Three:

  • 53: Female high school student explodes into a passion!
  •       Declaration of war against Kyoko's love!
  •       In an ironic and parallel twist, Godai becomes an assistant teacher intern at Kyoko's old high school.  As he tries to find out more about Kyoko's past, one of his students begins to have feelings for him. 
  • 54: Attack with nudity! Seduction plan for Godai!
  •        Realizing that she can not win Godai from Kyoko easily, Yagami decides to use the power of  youth and try something more 'drastic.'
  • 55: Pajama girl charges in! Ikkoku-kan's love panic!
  •        Yagami barges into Ikkoku-kan and decides to stay there for the night with Godai.
  • 56: Yagami decides! I won't give up my first love!
  •        As Godai's intern comes to an end and student evaluations are collected, Yagami must straighten out her feelings toward Godai.
  • 57: Here comes a lady. Love at first sight with Mitaka!
  •       Frustrated by Kyoko's indecision, Mitaka visits an omiai set up by his uncle.  His omiai, Asuna, seems to be a very nice lady, but...
  • 58: Godai or Mitaka? Tonight is her heart's moment of truth!
  •       As Mitaka is being pushed by his omiai to ask Kyoko to make her choice of who she loves right away, Kyoko is forced to make the most important decision of her life in the midst of utter chaos.
  • 59: Asuna Kujou's first time!
  •       When Asuna gets herself in the middle of a love triangle between Kyoko and Mitaka, Mitaka has to decide how he can calmly convience her that he has decided not to go through with their omiai
  • 60: Saw them! Kyoko and Mitaka "Bs". Out of the blue?!
  •       Just as both Godai and Asuna think that Mitaka has given up on Kyoko, they catch them in the act engaging in extracurricular activities.  Distrot and confused Godai fires back at a teary Kyoko claiming that she is no longer special to him.
  • 61: Chase after me, Godai! Kyoko's lone trip.
  •       When Kyoko goes on a lone trip to help clear up her head, she leaves a trip plan in hopes that Godai will follow her.  Godai, still curious on why he has made her cry, attempts to search for her and find out what really happened between her and Mitaka. 
  • 62: Alright! In bath with Kyoko! Two people in the open bath.
  •       Just as Godai is about to lose hope of finding Kyoko, he bumps into her in an onsen hot springs resort.  Will he ever get the courage to confront her about Mitaka?
  • 63: Yagami's back at a time when she's forgotten!
  •       When her friends begin to talk about love and relationships, Yagami is reminded of her first love Godai and attempts to find a way to finish what she has started a few months earlier.
  • 64: Godai on edge! Sweet trap of high school girl.
  •       When Yagami finds out that Godai seeks to tutor some new students, she plots to get him into her "sweet" trap. 
  • 65: Yagami's scream! Yotsuya's dangerous tutoring!
  •       When Godai refuses to continue tutoring her, Yagami asks Yotsuya to replace him.  Little does she know that she has made a terrible mistake.
  • 66: Yagami's challenge! I musn't lose to the widow!
  •       When Yagami's sensei finds out why her grades are dropping from Kyoko, Yagami vows to confront Kyoko to tell her to butt out of her business and her love for Godai.  On a cold rainy day, Yagami confronts Kyoko outside Ikkoku-kan in their ultimate showdown!
  • 67: Even Yagami is confused! Gold-teeth grandma Yukari returns!!
  •       Grandma Yukari comes back to check up on his grandson, his love life, and his future plans.  She meets Yagami for the very first time.
  • 68: Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit. Hot Baseball Match!
  •       With free drinks & peanuts on the line, the Ikkoku-kan gang and friends, representing Cha Cha Maru, engages in a "hot" baseball match.
  • 69: Underwater battle. Godai's suspicious kiss mark.
  •       When the gang goes to a hotel resort, Godai must explain to everyone (including Kyoko) how he got a mysterious kiss mark on his shoulder.
  • 70: Goodbye Grandma! Ueno station in party panic!
  •       Before Grandma Yukari goes back home, she gives Godai some words of wisdom and holds a BIG PARTY right in the train station.
  • 71: Mid-summer night's dream. Godai finds a job?
  •       Yagami reveals during the autumn festival that her father is the head of personnel at a major corporation and that the she is willing to help Godai-sensei to get the job of his dreams.  Could this be Godai's big chance?
  • 72: A child is born! Godai's life of joy and sadness!
  •       When Godai goes to meet Yagami's father for the job interview of his life, he meets a pregnant woman on the street begging him for help.  Will Godai sacrifice his future to help this woman?  Or will he be brave enough to face his fate with Yagami's father?
  • 73: Ikkoku-kan's hostage crisis. Yagami's a big nuisance!
  •       When Yagami finds out that Godai did not show up at his job interview, she storms into Ikkoku-kan to find out why.  When her dad comes looking for her, Yagami locks herself in Godai's room and threatens to live with Godai if her dad does not offer him a job.
  • 74: Change in the employment front. Godai's final come back!
  •        After the real reason of missing his interview is revealed, Godai finally receives his elusive job offer.  Just when Godai is about to plan his future with his new job and celebrate with Kyoko, they overhear the bad news that Godai's company has declared bankrupcy and all employees have been laid off.
  • 75: Love all the way. Yagami and Asuna never give up.
  •       After finding out that Godai is again unemployed, Yagami vows to help Godai anyway she can and teach her dad a lesson.  In the meantime, Mitaka, pressured by her uncle, pays a visit to Asuna who is suffering from love sickness.
  • 76: Kyoko's sudden announcement: I'll wait.
  •       As the battle for Kyoko's hand intensifies, Mitaka meets Kyoko and her parents in front of Souchiro's grave and seeks to use their influences on Kyoko and encourage her to marry him.  In front of Souchiro's grave and with Godai overhearing, Kyoko tells Souchiro that she has made up her mind and will be single until next spring.

  • Final Season

  • 77: Bravo Godai! The Pride of a Man.
  •       Pressured by Yagami, her dad finally gives in and hands Godai a solid job offer.  To everyone's astonishment, however, Godai hands the offer back saying that as much as it pains him, he wants to be more relied upon and find a job that he likes by himself.
  • 78: It's a secret! Godai's work diary.
  •       After drinking with Sakamoto who celebrated by getting Godai's job, they wake up in debt in a cabaret.  Having to pay off the debt, Godai is forced to work there in secrecy while looking for a permanent job. 
  • 79: I'm sorry Kyoko. Guilt-trip homemade lunch.
  •       Kyoko, still believing that Godai is working in daycare and looking for a job, begins to encourage Godai by making home-made lunch everyday.  Having been laid off at daycare and working off his debt at the cabaret, Godai is pulled on whether to tell Kyoko the truth.  To add insult to injuries, the looney gang discovers Godai's secret and decides to free load off of him at the cabaret every night and keep him in debt forever!
  • 80: Godai in Panic! Yagami the Bunny Girl!!
  •       When Yagami finds out Godai's new line of work, she offers her services to help him pay off his debt at the cabaret.  Yagami, however, is rejected because of her age and vows to settle the score with Kyoko.  After a date with Mitaka, Kyoko meets Yagami in front of Ikkoku-kan and finds out the truth to Godai's newly-found employment.
  • 81: Devotion of love. Asuna never gives up after all!
  •       As Godai tries to sort out the mess he got himself into, Mitaka takes Kyoko out on a date (to Kyoko's surprise) and vows that he will win her before Godai becomes a socially-acceptable man.  Mitaka also goes to visit Asuna and finds himself in an unexpected situation in front of his and Asuna's parents.
  • 82: Perfect dad! Godai's child care story.
  •       Godai is forced to take care of Kasumi's kids (one of the cabaret's hostesses who ran away). As Godai and Kyoko search for her, they are left to wonder what they would do with her kids if they can't find her and she never comes back.
  • 83: Yokohama chaser. Kyoko-san's going away?!
  •       Mitaka suddenly invites Kyoko to a date at a high-class hotel.  To Kyoko's surprise, the date turns out to be a pre-arranged meeting between her parents and Mitaka's parents.  Sensing something fishy, Godai follows Mitaka and Kyoko to the hotel.  He confronts Mitaka who vows that tonight, he will "never let Kyoko go."  Mitaka then drives away with Kyoko as Godai futilely chases after them.
  • 84: 1000% suspicion. Kyoko's scandalous night!
  •       Worried about her daughter, Kyoko's dad teams up with Godai to search for her around the city all night.  In the meantime, on their date, Mitaka asks Kyoko for the key to open her heart to him.  With no where to run, Kyoko is forced to make a pivotal decision.
  • 85: This is the Critical point! Godai and Mitaka's duel of fate!
  •        Frustrated that he is fighting a losing battle, Mitaka decides to duke it out with Godai for Kyoko's love.  On a calm night inside the park, the two rivals prepares to engage in their "duel of fate."
  • 86: Shocking one night! Asuna's Salad day.
  • 87: Asuna's pregnant? Mitaka's surprise marriage announcement!!
  • 88: Love again?! The taste of Kozue's kiss!
  • 89: Unrequited love! Godai and Kyoko, is it over today?
  • 90: Kyoko's quitting! Ikkoku-kan's memory far away?
  • 91: Kyoko in shock! Akemi and Godai's unexpected relation!
  • 92: Kozue's wedding! Godai's love is forever?!
  • 93: Sight of spring? Two hearts with warm feelings!!
  • 94: Alright! Godai's courageous proposal!
  • 95: Ah, Excitement! Grandma's love embosomed in a ring.
  • 96: As long as this love lasts, Ikkoku-kan is forever...!! 
  • ©Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, Fuji TV, Viz Communications
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