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  • Lasted Updated: 08/10/98

    Konnichi-wa! Welcome to 1998 Maison Ikkoku Favorites Poll! I got the idea of conducting a poll of my favorite anime series based on the anime favorites poll conducted yearly on rec.arts.anime.misc. I figured, since Maison Ikkoku is such a great series, it should deserve a poll of its own.

    Anyway, please read and follow all the instructions carefully below before you vote or your votes will NOT be counted. Thank you!

    Voting Rules - Read them carefully!

  • This is an ongoing poll and the results will be updated once a month (or whenever there is enough data). All votes will be kept secret and the results will be posted anonymously.
  • You may vote only ONCE. If you decide to change your vote, you must email me and specify what you'd like to be changed.

    Voting Instructions - Follow them carefully!

    1. Please select from the choices on the form given by the poll.
    2. If you'd like to select a choice that was not nominated, email me your choice along with the number of the question you're proposing. Any new nominations will be evaluated by me for 'appropriateness' before being posted in the final results.
    3. That's all! Have Fun!!! :-)

    Let Me At the Polls!

    Let Me See the Results!

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