Inter-Punk Cincinnati Bands
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Ahhh....scenic Cincinnati (aka Censor-nnati). Buried in the heart of the midwest. Well, as boring of a place as it is, we have our own little punk scene. I've put together a few pages for some of my favorite local bands from the tri-state area (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky). Most will have sound clips, discographies, pictures, and more, but it may take a while to get them all up and running. There will also be an address for each of them so you can write them and hopefully buy their records. Keep in mind that some of the sound clips will be a little less than CD quality, mainly because they are compact WAV recordings of 7 inches, demo tapes, and live recordings, but they are all pretty good. Enjoy.
Archie and the Pukes

The Connie Dungs

The Gaywads (coming soon)


Restraint (coming soon)

The Slobs


The Twerps

A big thanks to Andy Slob, Bill Reidy, "Punk Rock" Don Hogle, Rocks Off Zine, and everyone at Xiola's Records in Clifton for info, pictures, and scanning.
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