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Our digital picture album is divided into sections:
(1982-1987) Baby Pictures
(1988-1993) Elementary Age
(1995-present) 7th Grade on
Travel Pictures
(1991-1996) Sports

(1982-1987) The Early Years
Picture taken shortly after birth, 7/23/1982
Picture of the Santras including their sister, January 1983
Both of us again, age 10 months, 1983
Raman in coveralls, 1983
Nice picture of Pinaki, outside being punished, 1983
Check out these crazy outfits we're wearing, circa 1985
Early fro picture of Pinaki, 1986
Raman's fro, 1986
The Santra's pose for the camera wearing some camo
The Santra's eat Pizza Hut Pizza with Matt Phares at their age 5 birthday party, 1987
(1988-1993) Elemetary School
Before the 1988 kindergarten graduation, the Santras pose with two white kids including Jamin Maradei(3rd from left)
After kindergarten graduation in 1988, the Santras are still all dressed up
Here's a picture of Raman after a wedding in 1992 with a big fro
Here's Pinaki respective fro picture, complete with clip on tie!

(1995-present) 7th Grade On
One of our parents three cars, our infamous, 1990 Festiva LPlus complete with broke left side view mirror!
My friend Matt Phares, who is caught upside down on one of his world famous trampoline flips
Some awesome picture, from 1996 of the West Virginia winter
Pinaki at the 1996 Golden Horshoe (top West Virginia history students in the state) induction ceremony in Charleston, WV
Raman's Elkins High School ID card, produced in August 1996
Pinaki's ID card
Pinaki's 1996 school picture, in full color!
Raman's 1996 school picture
Travel Pictures
1994: An awesome picture of tide pool on route 1, near Monterrey California
1995: Buckingham palace, in London, England, UK, during a 10 day trip to there
1995: One of Royal guards in Winsdor Castle, Winsdor, England
1995: The rocks at Stonehenge, England
1995: Big Ben on the Parliament building in London, England, UK
1996: Planetship Earth at the Epcot Center, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
1996: Cinderella's Castle, Magical Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
1996: An alligator in the Lousiana Bayou
(1991-1996) Sports
Team Pictures

1991 Minor League Baseball Hartman's Flower Shoppe
1992 Minor League Baseball Marson Coal
1993 Minor League Baseball Coca-Cola
1995 AYSO U-14 Youth Soccer
1996 Elkins High School Tigers Junior Varsity Soccer Team


Home of West Virginia Mountaineer Football Team, Mountaineer Field, Morgantown, WV
1996: Joey O'kernick being the keeper for NCU-East Elkins Spring Soccer Team, Morgantown, WV
1995: The one, the only, Homey with the White Shoes, from Keyser, WV, in a Soccer Tournament, Elkins, WV
1995: A NFL referee gestures to the crowd while being pelted with snowballs, East Rutherford, NJ (source: USA TODAY)
1994: Ex-Yankee Jack McDowell also gestures to the crowd after being pulled, New York, NY (source:USA TODAY)

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