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Oi! the Links

Resources around the 'net

Skinheads On The Internet
Oi! the Website
PunkNet '77
East Coast Hardcore Website (This site is DA SHIT!!!)


Absolutely Pissed 'Zine
Do A Runner
New England Hooligan
Bronco Bullfrog
Oink! 'zine (and the Skinternet)

Bands (non-American Oi!)

Vision (NJHC at its finest!!!)
Ultima Thule
Guttersnipe's Official Homepage
U.S. College Boys Allstars
Urban Soldiers (the cool severed head graphic alone is worth a visit!)

People and Places to Visit

Iron City Oi!
Matt's Hardcore Page
Central PA Punk Page
Becky's Punky Pages
Horst's Rare Records Page (Lots of stuff for sale and trade...check it out!)
Bootboy Power
Skinhead Pride
Skinhead Territory
Crucified Skins
Mike Hagan Online
The Boston Punk Page
Razors in the Night
Screaming Eagles

And last, but certainly not least...

DC United Homepage

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