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Oi! What's New?

Well, folks, I'm finally starting to work on fixing and updating this page on a farily regular basis now. Below is a list of what I've done lately and when I've done it...a sort of site diary if you will.

13 August 1999 -Good Lord! It's been almost a year since I've touched this damn page. Lots of things have happened in that year and I'm going to do my best to catch up...hopefully it won't take too long. For starters, I've updated the Anti-Heros page and added a link to DorkBoy's Videos, a huge collection of punk rock bootleg concerts. It's definitely worth checking out. 14 September 1998-Added Red White & Blue bandpage and Iron City Oi! link. 5 September 1998-Updated Anti-Heros and Dropkick Murphys band pages.
14 August 1998-Added Iron Fist Records to the label page. Also, if you're in band on the East Coast, email Terror for more info about an upcoming compilation he's putting together.
29 July 1998-Added The Workin' Stiffs bandpage and updated Dropkick Murphys page. Added Urban Soldiers, a Dutch Oi! band, to the links page. I've also decided, after much thought, to put a banner on my page for Song Search, an internet music store. They have a bunch of good stuff at cheap prices. Please check them out as they're a really good business that supports independent music. Plus, if you ask, they may be able to find some of the stuff your local store just can't get a hold of...

26 June 1998-Updated Blanks 77, Dropkick Murphys, 90 Proof, and the Effigies band pages. Added Becky's Punky Pages and Horst's Rare Record Page which has tons of cool stuff for sale and/or trade. It's definitely worth checking out. Also, there are plans in the making for a skinhead hardcore page. Email me with any thoughts or if you want to give me a hand in this endeavor.

2 June 1998 - Added The Effigies band page and Final Vinyl Records to the label page.

1 May 1998 - Added Ground Zero Records and Revelation Records (HARD TO THE CORE, BABY!!!) to the labels and started the long-awaited Blanks 77 band page. Also added links to East Coast Hardcore Website (which is THE definitive ECHC site available, which is what I'd like Oi! American Oi! to be like...check it out) and Matt's Hardcore Page.

30 April 1998 - Added 5 new record label links (GMM, Dim, Pure Impact, PunkCore, and Walzwerk) and cleaned up the links page a bit by removing old links and adding a couple new ones.

24 April 1998 - Added record label page.

20 April 1998 - Added 90 Proof band page.

16 April 1998 - All sound files removed for now (they'll be back, don't worry your bald li'l heads!). Also cleaned up some of the band pages for some consistency between them all and added The Bruisers, The Dropkick Murphy's, and The Ducky Boys band pages. Also added some new links and removed some old out-of-date ones.

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