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Testament has just released a new CD titled "First Strike Still Deadly", which is basically a compilation of re-recorded songs taken from "The Legacy" and "The New Order". The line-up includes: Chuck Billy (vocals on 9 tracks), Steve "Zetro" Souza (vocals on 2 tracks), Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Eric Peterson (rhythm guitar), John Tempesta (drums) and the mighty Alex Skolnick on lead guitar.

Chuck Billy's battle against cancer is going well. He had 90% of the tumour removed. The remaining 10% is being threated with chemotherapy. If everything goes well a new Testament album will be recorded this year. Also Chuck Billy has a side project with the guys of Sadus, I have no more info on this.

In other news, James Murphy is recovering from a surgery to remove malign tumours he had on his head.

Testament is one of my favorite bands. I became a fan of them in the summer of 1994, when I got a copy of "Souls of Black." The next week I bought the CD and now I have all their CDs.


James Murphy : Lead Guitar [replaced by Steve Smythe]
Steve DiGiorgio : Bass
Chuck Billy : Vocals
Eric Peterson : Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Dave Lombardo : Drums [replaced by Jon Allen]

Souls Of Black since October, 29, 2000

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