Sign troops out message to Gordon Brown

Dear Prime Minister
We urge you to use your October statement to signal a break from George Bush's foreign policy and to bring all the British troops out of Iraq immediately, regardless of US plans.

It is clear the presence of British troops in Iraq is a pointless waste of life. The majority of Iraqis want them to go. Most soldiers have been withdrawn to base outside Basra where they play no active role but are coming under fire regularly and taking heavy casualties. It is time to go.

The occupation of Afghanistan is sliding in to chaos so familiar from Iraq and the troops should be brought home.
An attack on Iran would be a disaster for the population and would increase instability in the region.

Illegal Attacks
A new Anti-war music video by Ian Brown with Sinead O'Connor

Ian Brown, ex singer of the landmark British rock group Stone Roses and creator of four highly acclaimed solo albums, launched his latest single 'Illegal Attacks' as a Stop the War exclusive.

'Illegal Attacks' is an anti-war song and Ian Brown is joined in this powerful duet by Sinead OíConnor. Shot in London directed by Colin O'Toole, the video tells the story of a young British man who enlists in the army and is sent to war.

"Itís a commercial crusade, ĎCause all the oil men get paid, And only so many soldiers come home, Itís a commando crusade, A military charade, And only so many soldiers come home, Soldiers, soldiers come home, Soldiers come home"