Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.  In case you couldn't tell from the picture above I am a proud BBBW (Big Beautiful Black Woman).  I am also a growing Christian.  I'm not perfect but I'm letting God use me.  I currently reside in Montgomery, Alabama otherwise known as Gump town.  I am 27 years old.  Right now I am in my senior year in college graduating Spring 2006. Again thanks for coming by and enjoy my page.  You'll get to meet me online family and friends here to. 
Miss K
This is my online Mama.  She is probably gonna shoot me for putting her on my page but, too late.  I love this woman to death not sure what I would do without her. 
This is the woman who made it 50% possible for me to be here.  My Momma!  Isn't it apparent where I get my good looks from.  *s* 
This is my little brother JJ (he's the one in the orange, the other guy is his roommate).  I love this boy but he NEVER listens to me.  He will learn one day that I know a lot.  Talk about the women who have emailed about this one.  No I can not hook you up with my brother!
My Favorite Spots
College Club
And Don't Forget to...
I want to give a shout out for all the important people in my life.  So the first is God he has made me into the woman I am today without Him I am nothing and can be nothing.  It is in this manner I have dedicated my life in service and gratitude to Him.

My mom ...I love you dearly thanks for raising me right.

My God father. . .You were a father to me and I thank you for it.

To my big brothers...what pains you are, but I couldn't have been blessed with better brothers.  I love you both.

To my little brother. . .You are going to be such a sucess I am behind you 100% whenever you need me.

To my Mama. . .You are a laugh a minute I love talking to you.

To all the members of the Masonic Family...be strong and continue to look to the east.

Also if you are not on this page it's because I don't have a decent picture of you.  Or even maybe some other reason.  LOL!

Last but not least to the love of my life.  You came into my life at a point in time where I was about to give up on love.  I know that I am excited about spending my life with you.  You are a wonderful blessing from God and I love you!   Kisses!

Oh and please                          a sistah sometime.