These songs are all REALLY crappy quality because you can only upload wav files, but hey, it was the best I could do. If you wanna download MP3s, 
is a good free music downloading program. That's where I got most of these songs before I converted them. If you have questions on the lyrics, email me and I might be able to do some translating...maybe. These songs run off of Windows media player I think, maybe other audio programs. If my downloads don't work, please tell me, I'll see if I can fix them! Enjoy!
*Anata Ni Aitakute - Cool song!

*Kocchi wo Muite - Meilin

*Ki Ni Naru Aitsu - Li: I cannot Ignore her

No Nagging Anymore - Li to Meilin??

24 - ??No Idea what this one is

Sakura 01 - Sakura supposedly singing

~*Peony Pink -  S + S

Ordinary Girl - Bad Quality of course

~*Japanese theme - Catch you Catch me

*Chinese theme - Magic Sakura

*French theme - ?? this is really bad quality

~*Japanese End song - Groovy

American Theme - ?? Untitled
* = Japanese/different language
~* = Japanese with some English
I am working on getting some video or other audio clips in here, but it's hard business. We are hooking a vcr into this computer, so maybe I can get some good lines off of my taped CC?
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