Big Update in Jersey Collection - Posted March 10, 2001 01:05 AM by Nam
I just made a big update in my Jersey Collection. I've finally gotton around to taking all the pictures so take a look.

Update in the Sykora news section - Posted January 26, 2001 09:05 PM by Nam
An update in the Sykora News section has been made. Check it out.

More Pictures Added to Jersey Collection - Posted January 26, 2001 08:31 PM by Nam
More pictures added of the 2001-2002 Adrian Foster Saskatoon Blades Away Jersey and 1990-1991 Scott Niedermayer Kamloops Blazers Away Jersey. More updates coming up.

Another Update in My Jersey Collection - Posted January 24, 2001 12:56 AM by Nam
I added some pictures of the 2000-2001 Patrik Elias Away Jersey and 2000-2001 Scottie Upshall WHL All Star Jersey. Big updates coming up so keep checking in.

My Personal Jersey Collection Updated - Posted December 25, 2001 07:03 PM by Nam
I am finally getting around to updating my jersey collection. So take a look. Thanks!

Specialty Jerseys added - Posted December 25, 2001 06:34 PM by Nam
Another Update in the specialty jersey pictures section. I am also going to begin updating the Sykora News section once again as well.

Huge update in specialty jerseys section completed - Posted November 10, 2001 04:56 PM by Nam
After another long session of uploading and page writing, the huge update in the specialty jersey pictures section is complete...

Huge update in specialty jerseys section Part I - Posted November 08, 2001 11:39 PM by Nam
After about 3 hours of straight working, I am now half done with the big update in the specialty jersey pictures section...

Huge update in specialty jerseys section coming soon - Posted November 05, 2001 03:25 PM by Nam
A big update coming soon on the Specialty jerseys section so check back soon...

Specialty Jersey Pictures Update - Posted October 25, 2001 10:58 PM by Nam
Added a bunch more specialty jersey pictures so take a look!

Specialty Jersey Pictures are up - Posted October 20, 2001 11:55 PM by Nam
I have started posting some specialty jersey pictures, this link will have to do for now but i am going to redo the navbar on the left so that you can go right to it instead of having to press the back button everytime. I will be constantly adding new pictures so keep checking! thanks...

Specialty Jersey Pictures will be up soon - Posted October 20, 2001 11:55 PM by Nam
I am in the process of posting about 9 mb of specialty jersey pictures. Thanks to Possum for supplying them

99-00 Jarome Iginla Calgary Flames 3rd Jersey Pictures - Posted October 19, 2001 06:59 PM by Nam
Pics are up for my 99-00 Jarome Iginla Calgary Flames 3rd Jersey. The picture is from the Stick Rack, which is where i bought it from. The pictures are pretty big

Recaps on Sykora's play posted - Posted October 18, 2001 5:56 PM by Nam
More recaps of recent Devils' games posted in the Sykora news section. Check back often as i will update this section with new recaps of how Petr's doing after each game.

News on Sykora's injury added - Posted September 23, 2001 9:15 PM by Nam
Updates on Sykora's hip injury posted in the Sykora news section

Sykora news update - Posted September 21, 2001 7:11 PM by Nam
Another article added to the Sykora news section so take a look sometime

Added articles to the news section - Posted September 16, 2001 11:31 PM by Nam
A few new articles have been added to the Sykora news section so check it out

Sykora News section up - Posted September 13, 2001 11:21 AM by Nam
I just added a new Sykora news section to the site. This site will include any articles that mention Petr Sykora. I will try to get this section updated daily so check back often.

First payment going out tommorow - Posted September 5, 2001 2:33 pm by Nam
The first $500 payment is going out tommorow

Petr Sykora jersey found at Meigray! - Posted August 31, 2001 5:30 pm by Nam
Just got word that a Petr Sykora 96-97 Devils away (red) jersey is available for a whooping $2,900 from Meigray.

New banner - Posted August 16, 2001 8:17 AM by Nam
Just made a new banner for the site, hope you like it

Scott Niedermayer Game Used Synergy Stick - Posted August 4, 2001 12:48 am by Nam
Just got a great looking Scott Niedermayer game used Synergy stick for $200 from Doug at the Hockey Gallery. Going to try and get pics up soon

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