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December: Homeland Security laid the smack down on me. After many FBI interrigations and multiple instances of electro-shock nipple tourture, I managed to escape the evil clutches of Homeland Security. Being that I know a security guard at the mall...I know all the tricks to dodging big brother Homeland and will continue to bring you more worthless updates about shit that you don't even care about...hell...who knows if anyone besides me is reading this crap? I only mention the fact that I'm reading it because I kinda have to read it to type it...or maybe I'm just thinking it out in my head and not actually reading it? Hell if I know. Anyway, if anyone decides to come here there are some links and shit that you can click.

"All your freedom are belong to us!"

"Let's see Homeland Security secure my tight, sexy, beautiful, curvatious, wonder ass of all asses. I love my ass, you should too."