Here's links to my friend's pages as well as other pages...

  • Joe's Page Of Rubbish This is Joe's page, it is the home of the imfamous life destroying jpeg known as "The Pic." Proceed with extreme caution.
  • BurningHammer Jay's page kicks ass. All the women want him and so does Bob the Fag (There's a shocker!)
  • LatchKeyKid's Pages Check out Kev's videogame page. And if you think that FFVII is the sh*t, go there now and prepare to get broke.
  • Kingdom of Kintar This is James's page. This page has all kinds of stuff on it and is worth a view.
  • Milky and Colder's Infamous Movie Reviews Check out Milk's site and get the best damn movie reviews on the net.
  • P.I. Hates You! This site is sick and twistid! I love it!
  • UpFire This is JSA's site. He has a bunch of CG graphics he did himself, an ass-load of sweet midi's and other stuff.

  • "Oh boy! These links make me so horney!"