The free service we had our Syrian Shrine homepage on (Alta Vista) just sold the service, and the new host often won't let you log on. As of 3-31-01, they're officially going to discontinue that free service.


In December, I switched everything to the Yahoo (Geocities) address.


One of the Shrine ladies, who wants to remain anonymous, donated the money so that we could own our own address, and the space at a host computer.


If you did get to download this, click here to go to the new site. When you get there, be sure and click on Favorites - Add, or 'bookmark' it.


This will be here until March 31, 2001, when will go out of business (see below 'important notice').

Our address is now activated.


Bruce 'Speedy' Garvin




 We regret to inform you that due to business considerations will no longer be offering members the free
home page service. As a result, the home page service will
be discontinued effective 6:00 AM PST, Saturday, March 31, 2001. All members who currently have home pages will no
longer be able to access their personalized home page sites
as of that date. We apologize for any inconvenience this
may cause, but we are providing advance notice of this
action so that you may be prepared.

Members and new visitors to the site are
welcome to check out the home page services available from
other home page providers. To assist you in this
transition, some instructions for saving home pages are set
forth below, along with some restrictions on the use of
certain materials.