Taxation & Educational Accountability of Minnesota
Olmsted County, Minnesota
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Set the record straight
by Bob Fenske
TEA of MN and Citizens Fighting For Freedom
    On March 7, 2002 the Rochester Post Bulletin published an article on page 3A. The article quotes Tricia Olson as saying, "she was somewhat surprised by the findings [of the Post Bulletin financed survey], but said SMOKERS KNEW THEY WOULD LOSE IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION."
     In actuality, she said,"I'm surprised at the outcome of the survey, because this is the opposite of what I am hearing."
     Tricia contacted the paper and demanded a retraction. The retraction forwarded to them reads as follows: "I have never categorized the people of Olmsted County as smokers or non smokers. I have always maintained that this is not a smoking issue, but one instead, of freedom and government intervention. I am confident that public opinion will bear this out!"
     Obviously we are dealing with an entity that not only refuses to publish our viewpoint, but when it chooses to, rewords it to further thier biased cause. As another issue, she demanded that her letter to the editor be published. This letter was hand carried to the paper and given to FIVE of the officials. My last 3 letters have never been published, nor has any reason been forwarded as to why they weren't.