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kharina khairi<>

While i'm looking my old friends in TMGS, I found this web site which I can share my memory while i'm studying in TMGS. I really miss the memories with my friends in TMGS. We're spent time together and have great time from 1991 - 1994. However, the great time was in class 2B (1992). The naughtiest in afternoon session. But we still maintain the grade...:-). To Miss Sapurabi, Mrs Wong...and who know me...thanx for everything. Now i'm in UPM to continue my study in Master and will be finish soon. to Lin, Mai, Jovi, Ame, Wei-pheng..siew mui...mei yin and the rest...retna, haz.... I miss you so much.... Hope to see you all in one day...



prashand and venodevan<>

Our dad is a former Georgian.So he wanted both of his sons to be Georgian as well.After studying in SGI since primary to secondary, we are really proud to be Georgian as what our father felt. There are millions of memories to share but in short that were the best days of our lives. We will always be a Georgion and our sincere thanks to all the teachers especially to Puan Sujatha Vasanthan. Prashand - class of 1994 Venodevan - class of 1997

Kenny Antony<>

Going thru all the comments and letter posted here was the best trip I had down memory lane. I was a student at St. George, class of '94. Since graduating from Tpg, I can say I've been around a few places but nothing beats home. I still come back every chance I get since my parents are still living in Tpg. Have to make it a point to pay a visit to school. I too was under the tutelage of Mr Ravinder. To a 14yr old, he was the terror of the school. But, most importantly, he was among the best teachers I ever had. Same goes for Mr J.S. Solomon, Mr Oon, Pn Sujahta, Mr Mahendran, Mrs Chua CB, Mrs Chan Ding Kow... I still find the experiences and memories in secondary school to be the richest and certainly my fondest. To all my friends... I know some of you are half-way across the planet (Julian, Ong Eu Jin...) but if you ever stumble across this message, be sure to drop me a line. As for the rest of you (you know who you are), keep in touch.

emilly amir<>

I an an ex-Convent Girl.From Standard 1 till Form 5 , I'm a Proud Convent Girl.I think most of the scholl know me, I left school in 1995. I been blessed with such great teachers and peoples such as Puan Arbaayah , Cik Sharmini , Puan Rubiah, Ustazah Azizah , Puan Lau, Miss Foo Kon Tai ( the unforgetable), Puan Nancy, Mrs Ravi, Pn Laili, , Pakcik Zainun was there during my primary education. Not forgeting the teacher at SMC, Cikgu Raja Nordin , Puan Zainab , Puan Naimah, ,Puan Wong, Puan Long Kamariah, Puan Ustazah Maleha, Cik Chuah Ying Ying, Puan Shirley Ong, Puan Vernon , Puan Goh, Mr Vincent Soo , Puan Laila. I felt bless for the years I study there.And will proud to proclaimed I'm A Convent Girl.Well, that is my memory of my schooling back here intaiping since 1985 until 1995.With that also I like to say Hi to all the person that knew me and your are welcome to contact me...Hope to hear from all of u soon

Nelson Fernandez<>

hello Taiping folks. To the website creator, thnks for giving me and many others a chance to walk down memory lane. To all Form Sixers at SGI (86/87), do write. we have a lot of memories to share and i think we should get together for a reunion. to ravi (noky), kamales, sharmini, shima, roslan, omar, jaafar, deva, malini, manju, pandian padma and the rest of the gang..if you see this..write!!!

Zulinda Zahid Jamal<>

First of all,I'd like to thank Kayes for the webpage.As I read through, I found 2 emails from my friends of the days when I was schooling in SRJK Convent Kota and SMJK Convent Taiping from 1969 to 1979. Memories from my schooldays are....... Unforgetable............that's what they are.......... friends and teachers are...... For those who were from SRJK Convent Kota during my time, do you still remember Sr.Emannuel(Annie),Miss Pauline Dorai,Pn Azizah,Pn Ahsaniah,Pn Laili,Pn Sariah,Mrs Ho Ah Chai,Mrs Tan Tat Hock,Mrs Irene Lim,Mrs Chan Kwai Weng,Pn Muhitah,Miss Ang Siew Hock,Miss Ong Saw Kim,Ustazah Saadiah,Pacik Zainun(gardener),Ah San(carpenter),Louise(sweeper)& Rohana(Office girl)?They are all retired now except for Pacik Zainun & Rohana.Pacik Zainun is still staying in the same house which is at the side entrance of the school(remember the small gate?)I still meet them on & off in town as I'm living here in Taiping....home sweet home.Not forgeting the teachers from SMJK Convent Taiping,Sr Teresa,Miss Murugaisu(discipline teacher),Miss Soo,Mrs Ong Ah Guan,Mr Voon,Mr Goh,Mrs Monica Toh,Miss Yoon,Cg Baharum....they are also retired & are still in town except for Sr Teresa. Those were the days my friends...Jenny Simon,Ramlah Sham,Zuwaidah,Haslina,Chuah Chan Hoon,Muniamah,...fond memories we'll never forget..... I'd like to specially mention here that my parents were also teachers here in Taiping and my hope is that they are still remembered by their students.They are Cikgu Azizah Mohd Noor who taught in SRK Convent Kota for 32 years until she retired & Allahyarham Cikgu Zahid Jamal who was a teacher in SRJK St George I & later taught in SRJK King Edward II until he passed away in 1986 at the age of 49.

Lam Sau Cheng<>

I left Convent Taiping in 1989 and continued my form 6 studies in SM Dr. Buhanuddin in 1990. We Science Stream girls from Convent were the FIRST batch of Six Formers tranfered to SM. Dr. Burhanuddin. It was a dissapointment to all of us that we weren't able to continue studying in our "brother" school i.e. St. George but we went through 2 years in form 6 .......the annual Geogian Prom Nite, that year had to make a few "adjustments" allowing girls from other schools to be their respective dance dates!! I enjoyed all my 11 years in Convent Primary and Secondary. Sports Day in Convent: There were more boys that parents....It feels good to be a school runner then....I'm now a coach in the school I'm teaching and I still enjoy the outdoors. All my other friends who now work in KL still get - together and talk about the great times we spent together. I now work in Puchong and staying in Subang. They say Convent gals and the Geogians have a thing for each other .....maybe it's true because I found my soul mate in a georgian, whom I married after 12 years together last September. Thank you Taiping for getting us together.

Yak Kok Kun<>

I'm a La Sallian, SRK St. Geogre(1983-1989) and SM St. George(1989-1993). I'm proud to be in that school. All those teachers and school mates, I wish them all their best in the future undertaking and may god bless you all. Mr Victor Lim, Mr Patrick Teoh, Mr Jamil, Mr Francis Ho, Bro Charles, Mr Wong Pak Kiong, Mr Yeap Heng, Mr&Mrs Low Sai Seng and there are few more name that I forgotten(sorry). Thank you very much. I'm now working in Intel Penang. A lot memories been made and some good, some bad(wish never happen before) but come to the end of the day, you know that you have a been La Sallian and you love it ! For those is still studying, Love your school day even though you forget to do your home work and teachers is going have your butt for lunch. Once you out of school is a whole different ball game. For those La Sallian that know me pls! e-mail me!

Abu Bakar Omar<>

Born and bred in Taiping. Studied up to Standard IV in Sekolah Kebangsaan, Assam Kumbang(1959) and later proceeded to Special Malay Class I('60), Special Malay II('61) and Standard 6A ('62) in KE VII Primary II. The HM was Mr Khoo. Class Teacher was Ms Khoo, again Ms Khoo(different Ms Khoo) and Mr Leerdam for Standard VI. Those days being kicked in the 'but' and being hit at the back of the palm with the sharp side of the long wooden ruler, was not uncommon. We accepted those treatment as part of up-bringing. Promoted to Form I in KE VII Secondary. On the first day of school received a tight slap from Encik Radzi; whose wife is(was) Ms Khoo. Until today; at the age of 51 I could not explain the reason for being slapped on the face; on the first day of the Secondary School(1963). This was also the last year KE VII Secondary School had an expatriate Principle Mr McCummiskey, short, stout and bearded Englishman who carried a rattan cane with him. He was later succeeded by Mr L! ong Heng Hua(fondly known as Pak Long) who also 'educated' most students with his cane. During my time all the boys had the share of the cane. But it was done in good faith. I sat for my OSC/MCE in 5 Arts. The Form Teacher was Ms Yeap Gaik Khoon, Maths Teacher Peter Tay(who later became the Principal of Yuk Choy Schoolin Ipoh), BM was Cikgu Isa Ramli(retired as Deputy DG of Education), Science Teacher(Forgotten the name but the nickname was Abang Cartoon who stayed in Jalan Padang and cycled to school) Geography Teacher Mr Lim Swee Chin or fondly known as Bull Dog. Teachers those days were serious and meant business but they create human out of us. I am not so sure whether students of these days share the same glory that we had. I stayed in the School Hostel all were Malay students except for two Indian students Yellomalai(studied in the Malay Medium) and Maniam who hailed from Matang. I still enjoy visiting Taiping especially the lake gardens and of course passing by the s! chool as the class room is visible from the road. KE VII is a great school.

zarina hamzah<>

The most memorable about my school is my school anthem. I could remember it word by word even after 21 years leaving the school. I studied at TMGS for 12 years (from kindergarten until my SPM in 1980). Presently I'm residing at Shah Alam and works in K.L. Do you remember the song "Yesterday Once More" by Karen Carpenter? I love that song and whenever I listen to it I will recall my happy school life . I hope yesterday will be forever. Million of thanks to my great teachers - Mrs. Zainal, Miss Lam, Mrs. Thang, Puan Jaharah, Miss Saw, Miss Looi, Mrs. Khir, Mrs. Ravinder, Mrs. Lucas ,Mrs. Goodman nee Miss Teoh, Puan Wan Zaleha, Puan Wan Teh, Mr. Kwa and my dedicated headmistresses Mrs. U Teck Hua and Miss Satwant. God Bless All Of You.

Leslie Donnelly<>

Some of the happiest memories of my childhood were spent in Taiping.  I started school at the Convent in 1952 and left in 1955.  My first teacher's name was Mrs. Campbell.  There were many different nationalities in the class from all over the world.  I remember doing the Minuet dance, we were dressed in period style dresses, and other children did a Maypole dance.  It was for the Queen of England's Coronation in 1954 and on the Lake they built a replica of the Golden Hind, that was pretty spectacular, especially for the children. I remember other parts of Taiping, our house and the many friends that my brother and I had at Kamunting, where our father worked.  Leslie Donnelly  


Fuhhh!!! Hard time tu!...King Edward will live forever...As long as the Taiping hill stand! For 9 years in K.E. 4 years in K.E.(2) & 5 tremendous years in K.E. Secondary School ...banyak pengalaman pahit & manis...mostly yang pahit la...why? Archivement aku kat K.E. tak banyak..senang cerita banyak yang tak berjaya...sama ada dari segi akademik ataupun sukan...hmmm...silap aku jugak kot... But now, here i am...a graduated student of Diploma in Computer Graphic & Design, Cosmopoint KL.

Chong Lu-Lu<>

Firstly, thanx a lot for this website. Bumped into it while surfing. Was a former TMGS girl....from 1982-1986. Memories of the yesteryears keep flooding back after reading those lovely articles by ex-Taipingites. Reading Looi TK's article reminds me once again about the shortness of life ie. having fond memories of Eric Boey who passed away unexpectedly in a RTA in 1999. So, it's good to take time to reach out to those we care and love. Schooling in TMGS was like a 'living hell' esp during exams, now, I think it is one of the best and happiest days of my life. Missed the gossips with my old friends...Chua Bee Leng, Joyce Chee, Sharon Khoo, Wan Fong, Megawati, Wan Suzynarita, Eni : missed having those silly crushes on our chemistry teacher the gorgeous Mr Sum, Mr Ong(physics) and the education of Biology by the lovely Ms Ho, the constant nagging of Ms Satwant Kaur, now the nagging is like sweet music to the ears. The never ending competitions in everything with the Convent girls were the highlights of everything. Missed those good 'fights'. Lastly, to my group of friends, hope that we can meet up again.

Chee Yuet -Oi<>

Looking at the side gate next to the Grotto of the Main Convent school reminded me of the time when I was late getting to school and I was caught wearing Japanese slippers and was fined ten cents by the Prefect. The truth about wearing the flip-flops was because my white cotton latched up shoes were either not washed over the weekend or they were still wet from the washing on the Sunday evening! So the next time I knew better. I should have used a couple of plasters on the toes or dry my shoes by the fire at the cooking stove in the morning when my mother cooked our lunch prior to her leaving for work. When I looked at the dormitory floor of the school building, I remember I had my lst experience of eating butter and using a knife and fork at breakfast when I stayed over night in the dormitory after the Christmas Midnight Mass at St. Louis Church when I was in Form Four going on Form Five in Dec.1969. It was a big luxury for me to taste butter on toast! The whole experience of using a napkin and being served a cooked breakfast was such a privilege for someone who only knows how to use a spoon and chopsticks and who always had to fight for her portion of food among her four other siblings! Sweet memories of happy times at Christmas time.


I left SM King Edward VII in 1978 after my MCE.My fondest memories were of my years in Form 3 to Form 5. Among them were the scool band and the Scouts. My principal then was the late Mr Long.


I was a student of King Edward VII (2) Taiping since standard 1 in the year 1966. My former headmaster was Mr Gomez and my former class teacher was Mr Boey. I would like to get in touch with my old school mates(primary school) such as Abdul Latif b Mohamad, Mat Rodzi b Abdul Ghani, Mai Mang Lee, Zakaria and those who stated their schooling in standard one A in the year 1966. I left King Edward VII secondary school after form 5 in the year 1977 to settle in Ipoh. Please write in and could try to refresh our schoolday. bye.

zainah ibrahim<>

Though I was there in KE VII for my form six(1980-81)for only two years there are fond memories that I can never forget. Among the sixers we were very close. Our year was one of those years where we produce good passes in the STP result. Almost all of us continue to pursue our higher education. Thank you to our loving and caring teachers; the late Pak Long (Long Heng Hwa),Cikgu Mustafa (the Army guy who always told us why he had to wear thick glasses because of his involvement in students' demonstration in UM)), Mr Foo (or well known among us as Mr Kenyang coz' he always visited the canteen)Cik gu Harun (he was the warden for the boys' hostel) and others teachers too. For those who still remember me please feel free to contact me.

Swee Lin<>

I left Convent Secondary in 1987 and continued my form six education in SGI. Had lots of wonderful memories in both schools. I'm now a teacher. My first posting was in SRK King Edward VII (1). When my friends found out about it, some called me a "traitor" !! I guess most of you out there know about the "on going rivalry" between the schools in Taiping. SGI and KE, Convent and TMGS.It existed since my parents' time !! Well,is this still going on?!I really miss my school days and often wish I could go back in time. I guess being in school is one of the best time in one's life...

Noor Azuan Hashim<>

Hi! I'm Noor Azuan of TMGS (1977-1981). I was TMGS student for 11 still visit the school when I "balik kampong". Proud to be one of the Taipingan and always proud to be one of the student in TMGS. Those times bring a lot of my memory...can still remember I was in 5 Science White 1981..Mr Sum (Chemistry and form teacher), Mr CBB, Pn Wan Zaleha and many others.. I was in King Edward for 2 mths before I when to USA. I still remembered our Lowersix Science 2 present a qoir song during Mr Long retirement..Junjung the deputy..and of course the friends there.. Really nice to remember the old days.. Oh Taiping! Really a great town....

Looi Teck Kheong<>

Hi Taipingites and Ex Taipingites, I am a former Georgian [form 1 (1978) to 3 (1979)] and ex Edwardian [std 2 (1972) to Std 6 (1977)]. Coming from two rival schools, I naturally made friends from both sides. Thanks kayes for taking the time to post up these photos - they bring back flood of memories, mostly warm and fond ones. As i read the postings here, I saw one from my good friend Eric Boey, (ex Edwardian). The sad thing is he passed away unexpectedly in a road accident slightly more than a year ago (1999). Reading his posting here reminds me once again about the shortness of life and why it's important for us to take time to reach out to those we care and love. I had a great a time in King Edward VII (KE-2). Friends like Chan Kok Liang, Eric Boey (dcd), Kanaseelanayagam, Loong, Beng, Hin, Huat, Meng, Yow, Salim Khan, Azman Wadood, Sharifuddin, Kamal Rusmin (dcd) and lots more made a difference at primary school. In fact, most of us are still in touch by email. The teachers, Cikgu Sharif, Cikgu Azizan, Ms Khoo Sin Nya, Mrs Ng Poh Leung, Mrs LW Ng, Mrs Chang, Mr BA Gomez (principal) and many more - they are remarkable individuals. The friends I met at Georgy: Robert Tan, Ching Fook, Jason Chin, Cheok Meng, Tuck Meng, Conrad, Kheng Huat, Suresh Kumar, Aminuddin, Kian Siew (dcd), Say Kiat, Igbal, Lourdes, Albert, and many more in the Scout Troop made growing up so much fun. The teachers such as Mr Maha (english), Mr Low Sai Seng (Sains Paduan), Bro James Saw (Geography) (dcd), Bro Matthew Bay (Art, Swimming, Life Saving & Scouting), Mr Yeap Heng (Form 3 class Teacher), Mr Patrick Teoh (Sains Pertanian), Mr Ong Ah Guan (Maths), Cikgu Abdul Rahman (bahasa), were excellent role models. I would not have made it without these crucial years of grounding in the basics. I still miss the Maxwell Hill and the Lake Gardens where I go for hikes and runs whenever i return as my parents are still in town. Not to mention the Burmese pool for camping and the Taiping town for lots of eateries (wanton mee and char keow teow) and activities. The schooling experience was never the same again after I left Taiping.! O! nce again, thanks Kayes for taking the trouble to keep this website going. cheers Teck Kheong Singapore

R.P.Chow @ A. Rahim B. Abdullah<>

How come nobody has mentioned Mr. Joe Francis...teacher SGI master...Rev. Bro. Henry...Rev. Bro. Anthony... maths teacher/music master...Mr. Sant Singh...Mr. Santokh Singh...Rev. Bro. Leo (Bro. Sub)...Rev. Bro. Alban...headmaster...Mr. Lee Swee Keng...geography teacher...the late Mr. Ooi Chek Huat...the pinching 'pinching' maths teacher..we old georgians SALUTE all of them...we are what we are today because of their guidance.. MAY ALLAH BLESS THEM...

Lam Wai Hon<>

Georgian ! Always proud to be one. Upper Six - Class of 1989. For me, the teachers I would always remember - Victor Lim, Bro. Matthew, Bro. Charles.


I was in Convent Klain Pau for a year. Then moved on to another primary. Had a good time time there althought I can barely recall. Spent my five years in Sri Kota. Phew, I dunno what do others think about this school but I grew to like it. It ain't bad after all. I'm glad that I was there. If not I would not be where I am today. Thanks to the superb teachers and friends. It does not matter which school you are from. It's the way you carry yourself. Class of 1997...HURRAY! We had a fantastic year! Hope you all are doing well out there. Do email me if anyone of you see this! Ta

Fara Natallynn<>

It is an unforgetable moment while schooling at TMGS . One of the best school in Taiping . Heyyy .... why you say not ??? It is the best !!! We achieve a good result in eveything ... sport , academic ... and many more . I still cannot forget my school life . The university life are not as exciting as school life . For all pals ... enjoy your school life !!!


Why that is no sekolah menengah simpang in this webpage. I'm so disappointed about you so sad or you can do me a favour just put in the photo of SMS. We on behalf of SMS are very much appreciated.Thank You ! Looking for your good news !

Chong L CHOE<>

Looking into photos of SGI brings back fond memories of my younger days there (1972-1976.)Completed MCE in '76 and left Taiping. Surfing the web to discover the departure of my friend and teacher Father James Saw was devastating.The society and especially SGI Taiping has lost a wonderful man. Guess wherever Father James may be, he will always look over SGI. What a great lost that words cannot describe.


Used to be in SM St Georges Inst. from 1993-1995.. (1A3,2A1,3A1,4E1) The most liked teacher : Pn Nursinah, Pn Rosmah,Mr Ng and Mrs Sujatha.. Thanx very much.. I'm recently in UTM Sekudai.


Teacher in SGI 1950-65. "Lady Precious Stream". The Big Parade 1965. Bro. Cyprian and the "Lost Patrol". I wrote the songs and sang them. Bro. Thomas - the Scotsman. We made things happen. You'll never see our likes again!

Gerry Fernandez<>

Old Georgian From 1959-1968 Currently living in Perth Australia Headmaster @ Primary SGI - the late Mr. Augustine (emigrated to Perth) HeadBrother @ Secondary: Bro Leo Love to know what Bro Christopher (pet teacher SGI High) is Doing Think i've met Bro Chan {who is out of the brotherhood) in Perth My old Taiping Address 36 Creagh Lane( if that still exist)

Wati Johnson<>

Went to TMGS all the way from 1976 to 1987. Good school. Ms. Amirul was my elementary school teacher.


this is a great site man! i'm a georgian, class of 93, i love that school, memories always come back whenever i pass through the school,did any of you Edwardian guys know that Mr Junjung was in SGI 1n 1990 before he retired. another Edwardian teacher that was in SGI before he retired was Mr Mahendran,thought me English in form 5..i always love his classes because this guy travels a lot and he always tells us stories of his 'adventures'. The other teahers that i can remember are Mr Victor Lim, Mr Patrick Teoh, Mr Jamil(stone),Mr Francis Ho(Thundercat),Bro Charles, Mr Wong Pak Kiong (wonder if he's still teaching). Anyway, i understand that most of the 'old' guys are retired, just want them to know that they have thought us well.

hk tan<>

."bring the good old bugle boys and sing along. Sing it with the spirit that has been with us so long. All thru fifty golden years in fifty golden strong" sing along the tune "Marching thru Georgia". Thats Georgian Golden Anniversary in 1965 when I was in Form 4 Science. Remember the school anthem common to all La Salle schools "All thru our classes a voices resounding Promptly to her mater her call... My best part of my life in St. George's Inst. from 1956-1966. Any old Georgians out there can keep in touch with me esp. old classmates. My e-mail address is HK

Tang Yuet Oi<>

Klian Pau Convent and Convent Secondary School. Our geography teacher, Miss Chua who is rather large in size, got very angry with the class for failing her test and about half the class got walloping with the cane on our palms. Then one day many years later(I think it was 1988 or 1989)I saw her crossing the road in Melbourne Central, Australia, while I was sitting in the taxi at the red lights! I was so surprised and had to tell the taxi man about the beating I had when I was in Primary Five.

My favourite teacher in Primary Six is Sister Ignatius(a M'sian nun)who taught me a lot to have faith in God and she was always very patient with us in class. I was sad to leave the Primary School and had wished in my heart that she would be my teacher again. This happened when I was in Secondary Two! She continued to be my guardian and counselor until I was ready to leave for UK and I still remember her comforting words when she said "When you do well, you could be a nurse tutor one day. May the Lord use you to be a light to others." Well, her wishes come true years later when I obtained my degree in nursing education in Australia and later my masters degree in education. Primary school to me still holds pleasant memories while secondary school had some unpleasant memories but still overall, the pleasant ones still overrules the not so pleasant ones. I suppose life is like that and I learn to hope for a change even when the going is tough.

I also received kind assistance from Reverend Mother Pius(an Irish nun), who was also mistaken by some pupils as "Mother Puss". It was because of her concern that I was given a free bowl of noodles (by a Mrs. Chang at the canteen) for lunch every day throughout my secondary school days. She helped me obtained federal scholarship, paid for my MCE examination fees as well as my yearly special fees and also for my X-ray fees prior to my going overseas. Then when I was in London I caught up with her as she had returned to UK and working as a superintendent of a Catholic Hostel. She was very proud of those of us from the Convent School as there were at least 8-10 or more of us in the same hospital. I had never forgotten what she reminded us about our motto "Simple in virtue, Steadfast in duty". I kept my promise to her about helping a needy pupil in my school with examination fees as she didn't want me to repay her. She paid for my above expenses out of her own pocket and this ! has impressed me of her action in Christ love. I realized that I was fortunate to receive such pastoral care from my school. This has shaped my concern for students in my care in tertiary nursing education. My hope is that teachers will be more caring to those under their charge. Education is preparation of a child for the future which is more than just academic success.

Hasnah Burdge<>

Wow! It is quite a reach to remember back then, almost 20 years ago. I went to school at SMJK Convent from 1974-78..had a blast with schoolmates. I remembered one time in particular where I stood up and asked a very legitimate question..." Why can't girls play soccer too?". I then proceeded to form a team with the blessing of the pricipal at that time (Sister Teresa). I irritated the P.E teacher though...can't remember her name. The teacher that inspired me the most was my Biology teacher.....Miss Ong (?)I think? She told me to dream big and that nobody should ever decide your future for you!!! I have since graduated and went on to attend college in the U.S and am now working in the States. Would love to correspond with any who went to school at the same time I did.Some names I remember from the past, Ooi Poh Poh, Chuah Chan Hoon, Jasmiah, Azmon, Haslina, Thomas Yeoh (Geogian), Paik See, Marie Sansighn, and many many faces. If you are out there, e-mail me. Rock On!!!!!!!


TMGS The cleanest school all my fren there i miss u all so much especially those in 500 & 501 (1997)


hi.. well, i'm an X of TMGS and convent sRI kOTA.. my memories.. well, been really good.. i enjoyed most of my time in school.. well.. i can tell u it's great! So enjoy your life and... I can tell u that is THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

Joan Llewellyn<>

I suppose most of the people who send you an email are former students of the Schools in Taiping. Well, I am a former teacher from a long time ago. I was the science and health teacher at Treacher Methodist Girls School in 1958 and 1959. I am an Australian and was in Taiping with my husband who was a chaplain to the Australian forces in Malaya at the time. I loved my time at this school. I loved all the girls I taught. I still think about Taiping very often and would like very much to go back for a visit.

If any of my former students read this, I would love to hear from them.

Jeanne Ng<>

WooHoo! Been in Convent right from Darjah Satu to Tingkatan Lima!! School was Alwiz awesome.. although at the time we complain a lot lah... u know how it's like... From Convent Kota, i'll alwiz remember Mrs. Ravi and Puan Rubiah!! Had the most fun in yourclasses!! SMC rocks as well. Form 3.. after recess must sing MaLAYSIA BOLEH!! jika kau fikirkan kau boleh...... haha. for PMR lah!!! and then.. if never bring KH book to class (in Form 1) Encik Yusof will make us RUN the padang in our uniform.. damn cunlah.. haha.. christina saw, u da bomb.. hafta sit under the table!! classic case lah u.. :P Form 3 also.. everyone had batik project due.. smart lah.. all ponteng class to do project.. 2K1(my class) only had 5 people in class!! haHahA.. kenalah.. ketuk ketampi during assembly!! Malufarting..:P aNd.. Form 3 Sains Bab 1.. thank you Mr. Vincent Soo for TEAching us THAT chapter!! haHA!! and the photography/chess club trip to maxwell hill.. man THAT was an EXPERIENCE i must say.. the group of us hiking up to.. gunung hijau wasit? got caught in the storm.. lightning striking the trees around us.. sometimes can feel the current thru the roots of the trees.. and then when we reached the road, lightning struck the road RIGHT in front of us!! mei wan.. i remember u kena shock whole body lah.. chialat man... ahHA.. then we taped Mr. Tnew's Snoring!!! DAMN LOUD MAN!!!(like rhinoceros) haHA.. no one could sleep that nite.. :P and Mr. Ooi was with us as well! haha.. laughing at the taping! hehe..and Mr. Voon our ever awesome Photography Club guru... who taught us AD Maths and Physics too!!! Those were the days... Man i've typed so much i betta stop.. CoNvEnT RoCkS!!!!

Hi Jeanne! Would like you to know I REALLY enjoyed reading what you wrote. Thanks! kayes

Eric Boey<>

Left King Edward Vll in year 1982. Was a Edwardian all the way from primary till secondary. Had a great time there. Memories of fights (fist/sporting matches/girls etc...) with the "school across the drain" (no offence ok. inter school competition). Just a note to say that now I am in Subang, I met up with lots of Taiping people and here we are no longer bitter enemies like during the schooling days but we are proud to let others know that we are Taipingnites or "Perak mali takda Sombong" and there is a certain closeness.

How we kacau "Junjung" (Mr. Ravinder Singh)a man with a white turban and wears a neck support for some time and got away with it. (Do it smart).Anyway, if you should come accross this, no hard feelings ok, Mr. Ravinder. Would like to say a big thank you to my ex teachers both in primary and secondary. THANK YOU (Primary) Ms Teoh, Ms. Ng, Mrs Ng, Ms. Khoo, En. Shariff, En Azizan, En. Kamaruddin, Mr. Boey (my dad) & others that I can't remember. (Secondary) Mr. Thong, Mr. Long or fondly known as Pak Long, Ah Pak Kartoon (Mr. Lim Eng Keat), Mr. Ravinder Singh, Pak Chia, Pak Ho, Ms Janet and many more that I can't recall. A great thank you again for guiding and grooming me through my young schooling days to be what I am today. Thank you.

As I've read through, the memories posted and for those Georgians who lives far away, I would like to mention that Mr. Ng Beng Por (a uncle of mine) passed away a couple of years back in Kajang, Selangor.Lastly, to my group of friends near and far, been great knowing you guys and hope that we can meet up again in ICQ soon.

Thanks for the feedback Eric. I think one of your old classmates Noor Affidah Zainal<> is looking for you. She posted a message at the Taiping Messageboard some months back. Do send her an email! Best wishes. kayes


when i think of my school dayz...the first thing that comes to mind are my wonderful friends. we always had fun running around & making noise. by the way...the school is Main Convent...the best around to me.long live the convents in taiping. will make it a point to visit my school when i come back next. PeaCe.


i studied in st georges from primary to secondary... my life in st.georges institution is indeed the best. i indeed miss it very much especially the times i spent with my friends and teachers.. May god bless them !


hi ppl i was from smc taiping ..i left school since 1997..for me, secondary school life was the best for ..enjoying with all the i would like to thank all my teachers that always be my side when i need them...MRS NG, MRS CHUAH,MR VOON,MR TNEW,PUAN AMINAH,MRS ONG, PUAN LONG, PUAN CHE ZAINI,MRS YEOH,PUAN LAILA,PUAN KHAIRIAH,MR TAN,MR OOI,and MRS CHUAH TEONG PHING..A BIG THANK TO ALL OF YOU LISTED HERE THANK.anyway now im studing in stamford college doing diploma in economics..this is the final to all the frens , all the best in future undertakings and do keep in touch ya...miss you pll relly really alot


I am a georgian and graduated in 1995, i would like to said: "THANK YOU" to all S.M.ST GEORGE teachers.

Eileen <>

Thinking back of my school days....those were the best days....:) I was from SM Convent and left that school since 1997.I would like to thank some of the teachers, Mrs. Soh, Mr. Voon, Pn. Moi, Ms Chuah, Mr. Tnew, Mrs. Ng and all the teachers that give their best to the students!

I am now studying in Sunway College taking up NCC( Computer Studies). I'll be taking my 2nd year this april '99.fellow keep in touch.....miss all of ya!

Ben <>

megat syamsul best friend in tmn sri kota...

and the best of the best teacher is farizah....from s.m.king edward 7.....

Maureen <>

i've been a pure convent girl since primary to secondary.A convent product i should say...*smile*.

Teachers whom i like to thank includes my form 5 teacher, Mrs Saw. I love your add maths !!!!!!!and a big hug to my fellow classmates of 5 Science 2 of 97'.

I'm a 1st year Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering student in Taylor's College KL. AM currently staying in Cheras.

chin lee koon <>

i gratuated from SGI Taiping, 1996. My favourite teacher is Mrs.Teh, my form teacher - U6A2. Why? well, she did help all of us in U6A2 a lot. May God bless her !

mohd fauzi bin yaakop <>

i saya fauzi saya sangat rindukan suasana semasa sekolah dahulu sewatu di tingkatan enam di SMKE VII pada trahun 1989/90 yang lalu....saya ingin merakamkan jutaan terima kasih kepada En. mohd Salleh bin Sudin, Pn. Latifah Omar, Pn. Azizah Aziz, Pn. umi kalsom dan semua guru-gur di SMKE VII terutama para penuntut tingkat enam 1989/90

Yeoh Chien Wern <>

Graduated from S.M.K. St. George Taiping, year 1996.Currently doing Mechanical Engineering in UNITEN. My most admired person in my school is Pn. Sujatha Vasanthan, Headmistress of SMK St. George.

Damon Chung Pak Oi <>

Left St. George's after School Certificate way back in 1969 and went to England in 1970 with our Taiping Clique - Jerry Tai Lai Seng (also here in Australia), Tony Wan Hon Mun and a couple more who I can't remember their names, sorry! If any of you out there who still remember us and have lost touch all these years, please drop us a line on the net.

I can't say I have a favourite teacher whilst at St. George's but I respected most of them especially Ng Beng Poh, our Biology and Chemistry teacher. One specific teacher from Primary School I will always remember is Miss Foo Kon Tai. I hope she is well and healthy. Hope to hear from somebody from the old Taiping days.

Aspanizam Ahmad <>

Hai....there....can you please include more pictures of schools? Actually I'm an ex-student of SERATAS. Can you please put more pictures of my school because I don't have time to go there and take pics for my album. Before I graduated, I just took pictures of my friends and not the school......please!

Ann Low <>

Graduated in 1987. Currently working in Shah Alam. Favourite teacher is Ms Mok.

Shuqing <>

I'm from Hua Lian High School. Now studying at Nanyang Technological University, School of Applied Science, Material Engineering, Singapore. I love everyone in Hua Lian.

Noor Affidah Zainal <>

Something that I will never forget ! First day in Form 6 at Sek. Men. King Edward VII, back in 1983. The Principal was Mr. Sajad and the Assistant Principal was a Punjabi teacher (well, sorry! I have forgotten his name). And this Punjabi teacher was very popular among the school's students and was known to them as "Junjung". because he wore a "turban" on his head. On the first day at school, I was asked by him to get something from my previous school (certificate etc). And it happened to be that my previous principal (TMGS) was also a Punjabi but a lady. When I went to see her, she asked me "Who sent you here?". So I answered "Mr. Junjung". There I went, a big blunder for that year!

The next day during school assembly at KE VII, "Mr. Junjung" announced loudly that there was a student trying to insult him and this student was ordered to see him after the assembly. And of course it was me lah tu ...... So apa lagi, I really "got it" from him. Thought I said sorry many many times, he still punished me. Poor me! Not only I got punished by him. I also got played out by the other students. Everytime they saw me, they would say "Junjung" and salute me! Looking back at the incident now, sincerely, I really was naive and did'nt even know a teacher's real name. I wonder where is this Mr. Junjung now? Anybody out there can help me?

Hi Affidah! Thanks for a most interesting recollection of your school days in Taiping. Mr. Ravinder Singh (Junjung) has since retired and still lives in Taiping near the Lake Garden. Best wishes. kayes

Marfuza Zainal <>

I am an ex-Convent Girl. It has been 11 years since I had my education there. From Standard 1 till Form 5. All my class teachers are still in my thoughts - Puan Arbayah.. Puan Wan Teh, Puan Rubiah, my beloved headmistress Miss Foo Kon Tai, Mr Tan,Puan Zarinah, Cikgu Raja Nordin and Mrs Lau. Not forgetting my best principal.. Puan Normah Mohamad. She was the one who makes me strong and patient all the time. You know what? We have been given heavy homework in every subject during our school break and that sounds so cruel. But then, that was Ok for me. If not for that bundle of workload, I will not be as hardworking as I am now.

Well.. anyway, I want to thank all my teachers wherever they are now.

Aw Kok Weng <>

Really miss those school life. Anyway why do not have the pictures of Dr. Buharuddin school and Darul Ridwan school?

Very interesting and memorable site. Well done.

OK. Will include them soon. Best wishes. kayes



Ong Kok Siong<>

hohoho....i'm SGI's student . I'm very glad with that i haven't seen TAIPING homepage.very very excited!!HOPING all orang Taiping good good!!!

farayatul shima<>

I'm still study at TMGS now . As other pals said .. yes .. TMGS The Best . To ex-student TMGS ... be ready to celebrate our 110 Years . The dinner will be held on Oct 2 , 99 . You could get the ticket right now ... and u want to surf more about TMGs ... enjoy this homepage It not 100% ready .. but u could enjoy it . Bye

Chan Lee Meng<>

Hi, just wanted to tell you that this is the best Taiping site I've seen. The rest were mostly "no Taiping site ah? I better set one up myself" types. Yours is the most extensive and informative by far, and you have some decent pix online. I can contribute more pix if you like, as I've done a lot of photography during my time there.BTW, I was born and bred in Taiping. Lived there till I was 18. My parents are still there. Anyway, if you're printing this, please don't list my e-mail address. I don't like getting Spam. One thing though, your sources for the origin of Taiping's name are dubious at best. As far as I know, Taiping means "Great Peace" which was meant to signify the end of the tin wars. Anyway you can always check with the real historians at the muzeum.

Regards, Chan Lee Meng In.Tech The Star.

J Muhammad Gowdh<>

I am a KE VII Tiger- Form 5 in 1966, left school 1968. If you remember me do drop me a line. I'd love to hear from my old friends, especially my old girl-friends! I'm sure we have a lot of sweet memories to recollect and re-live. Long may the Taiping (Maxwell's) Hills stand. My curses on anyone and everyone who wishes to destroy our beautiful Lake Gardens and our beloved Maxwell's!!!!! Magni Nominis Umbra (also Magni Nominis Black-Bra and Magni Nominis No-Bra!!)


Firstly, thanx a lot for this website. Bumped into it while surfing. Was a former TMGS girl....from 1982-1986. Memories of the yesteryears keep flooding back after reading those lovely articles by ex-Taipingites. Reading Looi TK's article reminds me once again about the shortness of life ie. having fond memories of Eric Boey who passed away unexpectedly in a RTA in 1999. So, it's good to take time to reach out to those we care and love. Schooling in TMGS was like a 'living hell' esp during exams, now, I think it is one of the best and happiest days of my life. Missed the gossips with my old friends...Chua Bee Leng, Joyce Chee, Sharon Khoo, Wan Fong, Megawati, Wan Suzynarita, Eni : missed having those silly crushes on our chemistry teacher the gorgeous Mr Sum, Mr Ong(physics) and the education of Biology by the lovely Ms Ho, the constant nagging of Ms Satwant Kaur, now the nagging is like sweet music to the ears. The never ending competitions in everything with the Convent girls were the highlights of everything. Missed those good 'fights'. Lastly, to my group of friends, hope that we can meet up again. tHATS ALL.

Fazril akmar bin mukhtar<>

hai saya salah seorang bekas pelajar S.R.K ST GEORGE.kini saya telh berjaya melangkah ke UITM.terima kasih atas dorongan para guru- guru sekolah yang banyak membantu terutamanya guru pada tahun 1992 hingga 1995 yang mengajar kelas 4hijau hingga 6hijau.terutamanya cikgu Ahmad khalid,mrs Albert,pn Choo dan cikgu pelatih yang mana menangis pada hari akhir beliau di sekolah.saya memohon maaf bagi pihak kelas saya dan berharap dapat berjumpa baliau satu hari nanti.

S. Nayagam<>

In all my years in SM KE, I only had one womderful teacher, En Kamaruddin. I would like to contact him.


saya pernah bersekolah di sekolah rendah convent kota,dari standard 2 till 6 (1988-1992)..and then, i got into TMGS,only for a while,..form 1 aje. to those who still remember me,please contact drop by an email for me i woulde love to catch up with my old buddies,i'm in uniten doing IT course,dah final year!!tak sabar nak abih!