House calls required!

Hi I am Jane, secretary for Dr. Bauer!

I work mainly for Phillip Spaulding but he lends me to Rick when he needs some organization which is always!

This office is open for all medical emergencies!

Please sign in!

Please come in and have a cup of coffee!

This office is open 24 hours for just you!

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Rick's Best Friend, Phillip!

Hi this page is about Rick Bauer MD. He the wonder doc of the 90's. His only living parent is Ed Bauer who is still away on a medical mission. Rick's dad is coming back soon! And Rick hopes he returns ASAP since his sister, Michelle, is out of control according to Rick. Rick is not a great supportive guardian because he has his own problems to deal with.

His problems are almost losing the woman of his dreams, Abby! It all started when he spent one night with Blake! She got pregnant with twins and one was his. And she is married to Ross Marler. Ross is a longtime family friend and uncle to his best friend, Phillip Spaulding. Rick found out about his son from Annie! Annie Dutton is one of his ex-wives who was blackmailing Blake with this information. When Blake had a car accident, Rick's son needed to be operated on. After the operation, Rick told Ross all! Poor innocent Abby could not believe it. Eventually she saw how everyone is not perfect and decided to give Rick another chance.

Now Rick is busy building a life with Abby!

But Rick's problems continue.....Because he plans to fight for his son!

Also, Abby was attacked by one of Jesse's friends. She was almost killed but not raped! It happened at Jesse's place, one of his friends attacked her with the intention of rape but she hit her head on the corner of a car battery! She was left for dead. Jesse and Rick found her almost at the same time. But, Rick believes Jesse did it. Jesse was arrested at the hospital after emergency surgery for Abby. She suffered a severe head injury. This injury has given her light amnesia about the attack! She remembers the next day that Jesse is not her attacker. She is going to distance herself from Rick because she needs to deal what happened! She leaves the hospital with Reva. She is going to stay with Josh and Reva for some time. Meanwhile, Rick is beside himself because this is the woman of his heart and being and she is pushing him away! Reva tells Rick to give her some time to recover and to calm down. Of course, Jesse is freed and he decides to cool it with Michelle. Michelle asks for forgiveness from Abby and Abby forgives her. Rick sees Michelle and Jesse together at the hospital and told them he does not care what they do since Michelle does not exist to him! In fact, Michelle and Jesse break up due to the family fued. He makes a deal with his dad not to see her again and he is trying to keep his word. Michelle is now convinced that he slept with Drew and runs to her brother, Rick. Abby tells Rick she does not want to see him for some time.

Continue to watch Guiding Light because this story will be hot!

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