The Universal Master of Disguise...
Margareta Arvidsson, Miss Universe 1966

Recently, one of our work study students was going through a box of photos marked "Miss Universe" that had been found in the basement of the Amparo Muņoz Center for Film Studies.

After going through the contents of the box, the student brought us one photo that he was unable to identify. It was a picture of a lovely brunette, and the markings on the back indicated she was a Miss Universe from the 1960's.

A quick look determined that it was not a picture of Linda, Norma, Maria Ieda, Corinna, Apasra, Sylvia, Martha, or Gloria. That left only Marlene and Margareta, both blondes.

Unable to identify her, we decided to post the photo in the Student Lounge in hopes of someone coming forth and revealing her identify. We did not have to wait long.

The students in Louise Drevenstam's "Swedes-Center Stage" class excitedly pointed out to us that the lady in question was the very lovely Margareta Arvidsson. A lady they said who had a myriad of looks throughout her reign and after.

To prove their point, they offered us a number of photos of Margareta in various guises and indeed the lady always looked good and always looked different. A true chameleon.

Margareta has long been one of our favorite Miss Universes here at Beauty School, and as a matter of fact we are currently in negotiations with a Swedish ship building company to build a ship in her honor. She is the daughter of a sea captain, after all. The plans are for the boat to be a floating university, which would enable us to reach students all over the world.

Ah, but we digress. From the moment Margareta won back in July of 1966, she was a bit of a rebel. And that rebellious nature combined with her classic Swedish good looks has entranced us ever since. After her reign as Miss Universe, Margareta became a fashion model for the Ford Modeling Agency and went on to appear on stage in and in film. In March 1999, she was a guest of honor at the 50th Anniversary of the Miss Sweden Pageant, and she looked as lovely as ever and as different as ever.

Because of her inimitable style and many fascinating faces, Beauty School is pleased to induct Margareta Arvidsson into the Pantheon.

Here for your viewing pleasure, a photo essay of the lady with a thousand looks, the chameleon of the runway...Margareta Arvidsson...the Universal Master of Disguise.

"I don't do it!" were the first words Margareta said after winning the crown.

The Margareta Arvidsson Photo Gallery I

The Margareta Arvidsson Photo Gallery II

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