Welcome to Tenshi Central. A place where my "Tenshi" anime Sites are listed.
-Shadow Fanworks-
A site in which Anime Fanart and Fanfiction lie.

~Kawaii Ongaku~
A site filled(or going to be filled) with Anime Music! Midis, Mp3's, lyrics!

*Yume Star*
A Anime tv/oav/ova/movie Review Site! Features animes like Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Digimon + more!

Tama Neko~Shrine to Mitsukake and Tama*
Says it all in the title! Shrine to an unreconized seishi and his cute companion cat!

My Original Anime Story- Dreams

Many Thanks to Anime Suga for the wonderful Tama-Neko Button! 1