Only to find out that the rescue
note was penned by her
super-intelligent dog, Bubbles,
a real prankster!
Imagine this:
You're crawling the web when
you suddenly pass
some girl in a very cute car...
Pssssttt! You're supposed to CLICK on a picture!
You know the story?
She's from the South,  
so she waved at you  
as y'all passed by...  
You become interested:
was that chicita?
She dropped her business
card on the side of the web,
so you check it out...
Just to see it's not a business card at all--
She must have gotten stuck in the sticky web!
Being the chivalrous person you are,
you chase after "Bubbles" in trouble...
After the adventure, though, at
least you got to
meet  this "Bubbles"...
And if you didn't, then
you can still meet
Enter, if you dare