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4/1/01Automotive Tube Amp

4/1/01nyNoise 2001 show report on Steve Rochlin's super cool web site: enjoythemusic

This was the third annual nyNoise show, and I was lucky to be part of all three. This year I showed off a really cool Single-Ended 833A amp. You can see some pictures on Steve's web site (I was in the Second Group of Presenters).
The schematic for the SE 833A amp is shown HERE.
The schematic for its power supply is shown HERE.

I also demo'ed my Automotive Tube Amp (see link above) to the folks outside the event. I got a great parking spot right outside Arlene's Grocery, but wound up getting a parking ticket... ;(.
You can see the nose of my Fiat X1/9 (with tube amp inside) in one of the pictures on Steve's nyNoise 2001 page.

4/00 - nyNoise 2000 show report on Steve Rochlin's super cool web site: enjoythemusic

This year I tested the other end of the power spectrum by building a Stereo 3CX300A1 100W amplifier. Scroll down about 1/2 down the nynoise2000 pace to see a picture. The schematic is shown HERE. At some point I will add some detail for this amp, but it is loosely based upon my "Beast" amplifier, referenced elsewhere on this page.

See last year's nyNoise show report.

I was most pleased to be able to demonstrate a couple of my "Darling" SE 1626 amps at the show. 
See the review on Steve's nyNoise page.

Also see NY Noise coverage in the June 1999 issue of Stereophile Magazine.
My "Darling" amps even scored a Byline... ;) 
I had a great time, and met a lot of cool people.

Due to popular demand, schematics for these amps can be found on this page , or click the "Darling" link, below.

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