My 1996 best movies

  1. Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson
  2. She's the one by Edward Burns
  3. Seven by David Fincher
  4. Twelve Monkeys by Terry Gilliam
  5. When night is falling by Patricia Rozema
  6. Flirting with disaster by David O. Russell
  7. Strange Days by Kathryn Bigelow
  8. Multiplicity by Harold Ramis
  9. Sunchaser by Michael Cimino
  10. Jude by Michael Winterbottom
  11. The Long Kiss Goodnight by Renny Harlin
  12. Bound by Andy & Larry Wachowski
  13. Truth about cats and dogs by Michael Lehmann
  14. Get Shorty by Barry Sonnenfeld
  15. Mission Impossible by Brian De Palma
  16. Lone Star by John Sayles

Special Ed Wood Award for the best 100 % B Movie: From dusk till dawn by Robert Rodriguez.
Special Most Awful Award for the most hated movie: Crash by David Cronenberg

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