Thaecian Magic

It said in the Cyclopedia Talislanta vol2 p72 that a counterspell was manufactured by a Thaecian enchanter and sealed in a glassine orb. This kind of enchantment was forgotten in the Tal 3rd edition.So here's the enchantment as i see it:

Enchant Thaecian Spell Orb

This ability is known only to the Thaecians.
A Thaecian enchanter can seal a spell in a Thaecian orb, he should know the spell before enchanting the orb (he can't use written works).The level of the enchantment depends on the spell level implanted within the orb. For example if a Arcane Bolt level 1 was imprisoned in the orb, the level of the enchantment will be 1.But if a radiance level 2 was sealed in, the level of the orb will be 2 and so on.
The enchanter should succeed two rolls,the first for the enchantment and the second for the spell sealed in the orb.
The spell will be in effect when the orb is broken or opened and the person in contact with it will be the subject of the spell.
Several different spells could be sealed in the same orb, in this case the level of the enchantment will be the sum of the spells level.
Spell orbs are more fragile than normal Thaecian orbs, so be careful when transporting a dozen of these orbs with offensive spells sealed in!

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