Hello!  I have two gaming systems right now.  My Nintendo 64 and my computer.  I use codes in every game.  I am an avid cheater.  I help people around my neighborhood all the time.  Here are some of the codes I use.


 Extreme G2 


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
Still working on these so their not completed yet. Sorry.

 Mario Party

 San Fransisco Rush

 Star Fox

 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Theses are not uploaded yet.

 Rush 2

 WWF Warzone


Advanced Tactical Fighters- all planes-  hold Right Alt, Right Shift, Right Ctrl while clicking single

Earthsiege-  all Hercs in Campaign mode-  Start a new campaign,  go back to main menu and
                                                                 select single mission,  Choose a mission and click
                                                                 armaments, select a Herc and then cancel your mission,
                                                                 Resume your Campaign, beat the first mission, save
                                                                 the game then load your game

Fury3x- codes-  type while playing-
                        givitup, all weapons
                        jumpnit, level skip
                        trymeon,  invincibility    
                        packinX(where X is a number for a weapon), one of a weapon

Magic Carpet 2-  Codes-  press I then type windy and press enter,
                                        Alt+F1- All spells
                                        Alt+F2-more mana
                                        Alt+F3- Destroys all wizards
                                        Alt+F4- Destroys all Castles
                                        Alt+F5-Destroys all balloons
                                        Alt+F7- Kill all creatures
                                        Alt+F8- spell experience points
                                        Alt+F9- free spell usage
                                        Alt+F10-God mode
                                        Shift+D- finish current objective
                                        Shift+C-Finish current level

Need for Speed SE- codes-  EAC POWER=secret warrior car
                                             EAC RALLY= LUNAR SPRINGS LEVEL

Tomb Raider- cheats-  walk 1 step forward, 1 step backwards, turn around 3 times and  jump
                                    backwards to get weapons or jump forwards for level skip


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