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Hello! Welcome to our CYBER VALVE site! We are Andrew "Titan 745" and Antony "Car Maniac 911". This site provides you many cool info and downloads about cars, hacker, cracker things, cheats, hints for games,interesting articles and other cool stuff!!! Feel free to select one of pages, shown below. NOTE: you will need Flash Player to run some movies on this site (You may download player from www.macromedia.com). Good Luck!

Car Maniac 911
This page proviedes you tons of info about cars
Car Maniac 911 is proud to present you everything about cars: pictures, articles, some flash movies, cool links, info about racing games, need for speed downloads and many other useful info! Click the Chevrolet to ENTER!


Titan 745
Cyberspace and Internet, philosophy...
Internet today. Cyberdeck tomorow. Titan 745 provides you info about hacking, cracking, cheats for games, some pictures, articles on random themes and useful downloads. Click on the picture above to ENTER...


DIESEL 745-911 Clan
Titan 745, Car Maniac 911, Gveleshap and Super Sonic decided to create their our Diesel 745-911 Clan home page. Our team plays Tribes 2 and Half-Life singleplayer and multiplayer. ENTER here!!!

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