So here is where I get to tell you what is going on with the page, new sailor moon info, and, well, rant.

February 7, 2000

Wow, my first update of the new year! Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but I've been tres, tres busy! For one thing, I've started a new site, that focuses completely on the manga. Also I've been writing and writing as well as school stuff. As you might have noticed, I took the Banner Help section down. I'm very sorry to all that wanted a banner made for them, but I really don't have time anymore. See making a banner takes a lot of time, and I was getting so many requests that it's taking up almost all of the time I have and I still can't get them all done in a reasonable time. It will probably be back up for the summer or something, but for right now, I just have to stop. I will still be giving out awards, however.
The good part about all this is that it gives me a lot more time to work on my fanfiction. For those fans of Sailor Moon: Zodiac, you'll be happy to know that I'm getting ready to revise the whole thing. (The sequel will come when I am done with that.) Also, I'm working on several other fics that I think will be much better than SMZ. It also gives me time to work on stuff around this site, my manga site and other various projects I have a hand in.
I am looking for someone to take over my webring. Like the bannerhelp, I don't have time to take care of it anymore, and frankly, I find it boring. The person or persons I hand over the ring to must be proficient in html and keep up the ring well. Email me for the position.
Ja ne!

October 1, 1999

Well it's the weekend, finally, and I've finally got the Sailor Moon Image gallery fixed. For a while I'm going to be working on my Evangelion page, but if anyone finds anything wrong, please email me and I'll fix it!

September 30, 1999

I've been doing some relatively small but important work here on the page, I fixed a lot of broken links and text problems. Also, I fixed a nasty form problem so any that want awards or a banner can now use the forms again. :-) Also, I posted Chapter 16 and the Epilogue of Sailor Moon:Zodiac, hope you all enjoy it! I'm still working on some other stuff like the Sailor Moon image gallery which stubbornly refuses not to work. Or at least the last half...hopefully it will yeild soon. That's all for now!

August 16, 1999

So here's what's happening with Sailor Moon:

All the movies are being released in the US dubbed AND subbed, so you get to choose.  It's a rumor that the SuperS movie will not be allowed to be released until all the episodes leading up to it are aired.  Also, if you go to the SOS page, it says that the rest of Sailor Moon WILL be dubbed.  When? I don't know.

And with this establishment here, my webpage? 
Well, I put the new layout up, but I'm still working on making some of my image galleries work.  Earlier this summer when Geocities merged with Yahoo! all sorts of things were screwed up, so some stuff doesn't work.  I'm really really trying to make it work though!!  And very very soon I will be putting up my WebGraphics for You section, that I've been saying I'll put up for a long long time.  Very very soon it will actually happen.  Definately before school starts.

For those of you who want to know what's up with SailorMoon: Zodiac, my fanfic, here's the deal.  I'm working on chapter 16 as i have been for the past two months.  Because i've been taking college classes this summer i haven't had as much time as i would have liked to work on it.  I definately hope to have it up soon as it will be the last chapter besides the epilogue.  The good news is that I've already started the next "season".  Sailor Moon: ZodiacR.  I'm not telling you what the "R" stands for, but it's not Romance or Returns!  Maybe I'll even have a little contest to see who can guess it first.  It will be a lot more involved, better written, and lots of mythology!  It will also reveal a lot more of what the Zodiac Senshi were like in the Moon Kingdom, what happened to them, and stuff.

So, uh, that's about it.  And look for more cool stuff later!!
see -_^ ya!
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