Have you had your Broccoli?

Don't you love Broccoli?

Broccoli is good for you!

Lots of Vitamin A!

Broccoli is everywhere. There is no escaping Broccoli!

Five times a day for veggies you say?
Anyways. An exciting new announcement!
There will be a NEW Broccoli every month (or 2 weeks depending...)
NOT random radical blossomings of Broccoli at the holidays like you're used to.
So be fore-warned!

The Webcounter says you are visitor

Broccoli gone BAD! Ha ha yummy!


Meet the Misses, or it's me doing my impression of
Transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania

Broccoli just missed the boat.

I forgot my anniversary!

Ho! Ho! Ho! May your stockings be full of Broccoli!

I use Aquafresh!


I don't know who to vote for on this upcoming election.

Did I do that?

Become more politically aware. Learn about Broccoli Abuses
Spare me from broccoli's evil wrath! Take me AWAY!
Or...Are you VEGETABLE enough to witness Broccoli Throughout the Ages
Prepare to go where no veggie has gone before....
See it again...for the first time. Broccoli: Special Edition

And something new to fill your stomachs, the Broccoli Recipes.
Which also features a new rendering of Broccoli!

What have you stumbled upon now? Alas! It's the
Will you attempt to reach ascendancy to the most evolved form of life on Earth? Are you prepared to unleash the powers of BROCCOLI upon the hapless world? Very well. If you do insist, you may attempt to contact the mighty BROCCOLI spirit.
Deliver your alms to the mighty spirit

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