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Ingratiate Oneself / Toe Ho Ji Gei

  • Album Title (English): Ingratiate Oneself
  • Album Title (Romanized Cantonese): Toe Ho Ji Gei
  • Record Label: Cinepoly (Polygram)
  • Released: December 1994
  • Album Type: Cantonese
  • Album ID: CP50138
  • Track Listing:

  • Josh's $0.02: Hits include: "Honeymoon", "Brink Of Love And Pain", "Exit", and the title track (the latter two songs are written and composed by Faye). I really like "I Fear", too bad it wasn't plugged. Also includes the Sundays cover ("Here's Where The Story Ends") "Being Criminal". The first pressing of the album includes a Faye Christmas card. Later pressings include a Faye photo card insert.
  • Note: The Japanese release version of the album includes "Flow Not Fly ('60s Version)" and "No More Games (Rock Version), released February 1995.
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  • Buy the Polygram remastered version of this album now at YesAsia, released May 1999.

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