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A story about TonZijlstra by Lee LeFever — 2 months ago 
Ton and I have known each otiher for a couiple of years via our blogs. Luckily, I’ve been in 
Holland for a few people days and spent a couple of 
days with Ton and Lilia Efimova. 
What a great time. Along with Dutch culture and European history we talked a lot about 
all things geeky and of course our mutual passion for community. Ton was even better 
in person!
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in Banff… hangin’ out in the Faculty Geiek-Out Pod.
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 Why I want to meet supamanu by Lee LeFever — 1 year ago  Manu has been a reader 
of my blog and often leaves encouraging  comments. I’d love the chance to talk over a 
beer or coffee sometime…
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