Name: Raymond Wood
Birthday: Febuary 26th, 1980

Well, I guess this is just where I can say a little about myself. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta close to twenty-four years ago, though I've grown up in and around the Toronto area, with six years spent in the area of Kingston Ontario. I've gone to school and thereafter dropped out of a computer networking program in that time as the teaching style of the school was not on par with the way I learn, while too I did not have the proper work ethic then. As of 2002 I moved with my parents to the Toronto area once more, where I am currently working towards college, saving up. I work as a service man for a pool company, and while not the most glamourous job, it pays the bills, is rather enjoyable, and once I return to school will make for a great summer job.

Forgive the rough format of this website for now, as I am once again trying to learn HTML, so with time it shall become a bit more polished.

Take care! - Ray